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Friday, 18 June 2010

Port Elizabeth
World Cup 2010, Group D

"We are devastated but we have the resolve to go through"
15 June 2010 - 19 June 2010

"That's the angriest I've seen a man in a cardigan since Richard Burton in 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf'"*
Serbia - Milan Jovanovic 35'

Joachim Löw frustrated by referee's error and Germany's penalty miss - 19 June 2010

"We had excellent opportunities that we failed to capitalise on," Löw said. "We had four or five excellent chances and a penalty, so it's a pity we didn't get the draw. I also would have expected my players to send in crosses more precisely. That really got on my nerves."
"Usually, Podolski hammers his penalties but this one was relatively easy for the goalkeeper to save," he said. "I must say that Podolski had many opportunities and I have not yet been able to talk to him to ask him why he didn't hit the target."

Press Conference
19 June 2010

Exclusive Interview on tv.dfb.de
19 June 2010

Defeated Germans bemoan card-happy referee
(Sending off of Miroslav Klose) Germany coach Löw said the second yellow card was "very harsh" and doubted it was necessary. "He just tried to kick the ball away and then was unlucky to hit the opponents leg," he said.
In total, seven other yellow cards were given out, including four for Serbian players. "There were a couple of tackles where I felt the yellow cards were justified but there were many yellow cards given for tackles that weren't malicious at all and could have been avoided," Löw said.
Serbia bring Germany back down to Earth
Germany stunned by Serbia at World Cup
Germany Boss Joachim Löw 'devastated' after Serbia defeat. - 18 June 2010
"We had lots of problems," admitted German manager Löw after the loss. "It was difficult to come to terms with. "But I'm still confident we will go through. We have our fate in our own hands, and a good goal difference."
He added: "Of course we are disappointed now, we are devastated by this loss, but we have got the resolve and we have got the will to go through to the next round. "I don't think this is going to bog us down completely."
Match report and players' ratings from Goal.com
Official FIFA match page

"Für Alles Gelb!"
Jogi protests at the number of yellow cards

(youtube video)

Match 'highlights'

Ahead of Germany's World Cup Group D clash with Serbia tomorrow, coach Joachim Löw addressed a press conference today at Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in Port Elizabeth, South Africa discussing his side's chances against Radomir Antic's team.
Well, as far as our team is concerned, everyone is OK," he said, revealing he has no injury problems ahead the match. "[Bastian] Schweinsteiger had a cold but today he participated in training again. So all players can be used for the match tomorrow against Serbia."
Technically speaking they are very skilled - it's very hard to tackle and win the ball," he continued, insisting his team were in for a test tomorrow. "They're very sophisticated in their play and passing so they can dominate a match very easily from a football standpoint, and at all times they are dangerous and can score. "It's going to be tough," he admitted. "In Serbian culture they are very strong fighters and are able to deliver on their promises. They were criticised heavily over the past few days so I expect a very hard team compared to the first match. They have a strong fighting spirit and will go the extra mile until the last minute."
Löw went on to discuss his team and assured the press that he wouldn't allow his players to get carried away following their impressive 4-0 victory over Australia last week. "We know there was a lot of applause," he said. "So we kept a distance between our performance and the result. "There is no guarantee for success, ladies and gentlemen, we must be careful as the tournament just started. You don't know how players will perform under great pressure. What I can promise is that we are extremely motivated and have great potential. There will be more difficult games, including tomorrow's, and we are hungry." from Goal.com - 17 June 2010
Footage from the press conference from Kicker.de

Training Sessions, Super Stadium, Pretoria, 15, 16, 17 June 2010

An interview with bild.de (in English) - 16 June 2010

Video interview and training footage from Kicker.de - 15 June 2010

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* Quote I remember reading (hearing?) during the World Cup. Would love to be able to find out who to attribute it to!

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