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World Cup 2010, Group D

"It was good for my young team to be in a make-or-break situation"

20 June 2010 - 24 June 2010

An exclusive interview with Jogi
- taken from the Niveaformen website
Germany - Mesut Özil 60'

Germans seal top spot
Özil screamer settles issue as Germany and Ghana go through
Germany, Ghana both advance at World Cup

"It was a tense game. We could have made more out of our opportunities," Germany coach Joachim Löw said. "We were not very precise up front. But I can't blame my young players, there was a lot of pressure, we had to win. And now we are really looking forward to England."
Tense win has Joachim Löw certain German kids can deal with the pressure
Boateng brothers make history
"I saw that Ghana have very fast forwards who are not only technical but also skillful. This is why I had to use Boateng because he is also as extremely fast in the first 15 minutes, like the Ghanaian strikers. I didn't expect him to contribute anything going forward because I wanted him for a specific role in defence," says Löw.
Match report from telegraph.co.uk
Player rankings from goal.com
Official FIFA match page
Final Group D Placings


Match highlights

Cacau likely to start against Ghana says Joachim Löw

"Right now I have a tendency that Cacau can play from the beginning but Gomez and Stefan Kiessling have also shown committment and could be there from the start," Löw said. "I could change positions. The last training is very important. After a defeat you consider all the possibilities. Right now, I have a tendency toward Cacau."
"There will be a pre-game meal. I wouldn't call it 'The Last Supper,'" Löw said. "I'm sure we will reach the next round and I will still be in this job."
The Germans, who routed Australia 4-0 in their opener, like Stuttgart star Cacau as a finisher but Löw also warned that he could add a second man up front. "There is always an option to change that," he said.
Löw also lashed out at what he called a flurry of quickly whistled yellow cards. Five Germans have received yellow cards and would miss Germany's first knockout match if they are booked again and the team advances. "I have, of course, after the game against Serbia, reminded my team what it means going into tackles, that a yellow or red card can happen," Löw said.
"My opinion is the yellow cards are being given quite quickly. It would be good to have restraint. There are fouls that look brutal (and get no card). There are some fouls where yellow cards are given too rapidly." At the same time, Loew cannot afford to have his players hold back against a Ghana squad which he notes loves to play a physical, tough-tackling game. "We have to be careful to remind our players not to be too reserved. This could be an advantage for Ghana," Löw said. "They like to prove themselves in tackles. It will be a physical game."
Löw says his young squad has not shown diminished confidence after the shock loss to Serbia. "We have worked. We have focused. We have prepared for Ghana. They do not give me the impression they are nervous," Löw said. "Although it is young, the team has the confidence and inner conviction we can win against Ghana. "We know Ghana might be Africa's last hope in the tournament. Ghana has a team that is highly motivated. We believe our team can handle the pressure."
Löw also noted that it was not a young player but Klose, Germany's most capped squad member, who blundered against Serbia. "It was not a young player who made a mistake. He could have been more careful and more sensitive in the tackle," Löw said. "I don't think the young players were affected by this. After the loss of Klose I felt a defiant attitude."
It's the same feeling Löw has as he prepares to face Ghana. "I feel a bit of tension, but also excitement," Löw said. "When the whole nation and the whole world watch a game, I feel tension but I feel this as a positive not a burden. I feel more joy than anxiety."
Footage of the press conference from Kicker.de

Training, Pretoria, 22 June 2010

An exclusive interview taken from the Niveaformen website - where Jogi talks of the Serbia defeat and looking ahead to the match against Ghana

Löw cautious ahead of Group D Decider against Ghana

"Ghana are fast and can play well on the counter, they don't shy away from one-to-one duels as they are strong, they have players who can put in fantastic sprints," Löw was quoted as saying in a press conference.
"The general tempo against Ghana will be higher than in the match against Serbia. The Serbs were a bit slow out of the blocks and they had a draw in mind with only one forward. It will be quicker, but fitness is written with a capital 'F' in the Germany squad and we can cope with it." - 21 June 2010

Training at the at the Super stadium in Atteridgeville near Pretoria,
20/21 June 2010

Schweini to take penalties for Germany
Löw said he was considering who should take the penalties and "it could well be that Schweinsteiger takes the next one."
The coach did not intervene after the penalty was awarded against Serbia, leaving it up to the two designated penalty takers to decide between them who would take the spot kick."Both are very sure penalty takers. I want players who take on responsibility. Lukas took the responsibility and that was good. He didn't score, and that was bad luck," Löw said. - 20 June 2010
Yellow Cards will not curb German fighting spirit
"I will not tell any of the players who are already booked to go into one-on-one's softly in case they pick up another yellow card (and miss the next match)," Löw said."There will absolutely not be a soft approach. One-on-one is elementary in our game and I will not warn any of our players to take it easier."
"This morning, despite the disappointment of the defeat, I woke up with a good feeling because I saw the team showed fighting spirit and within the disappointment you can see the confidence, as strange as it may sound," Löw told reporters."There is absolutely no feeling of resignation here.Even after (the 4-0 win over) Australia I said, 'Guys there can be setbacks in the tournament, so let's keep calm'. I am certain that we will reach the second round."
Löw will travel to Rustenburg later on Saturday to watch Ghana, who have three points after their 1-0 win over Serbia, play Australia in their second group match. Germany and Serbia are also on three points having already played two games.
"We are in front of a knockout match but that can happen even in a group stage. You cannot avoid pressure situations at a World Cup," he said. - 19 June 2010
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