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World Cup 2010, Round of Sixteen

"We put on a magnificent display against a very experienced England side."

25 June 2010 - 28 June 2010

Germany - Miroslav Klose 20', Lukas Podolski 32', Thomas Müller 67', 70'
England - Matt Upson 37'

Joachim Löw hails Victory over England. -

Germany coach Joachim Löw was understandably pleased with the result and after the game explained to reporters how he won the tactical battle against his England counter-part Fabio Capello.Löw explained, "Tactically we were great. Until 2-0 we were in full control and we could have scored a third.
"When they scored we had a very difficult period. But in the second half they had to come forward more and we were extremely successful in our counter-attacks.
"I have to say that today we were dominant over long periods of the game. We were successful in having Klose lure John Terry out of the defence."We knew their two midfielders Gerrard and Lampard get forward to support the attack, so we knew that there would be space. We wanted to force Terry to come out of defence to create spaces between the defenders."He added, "I don't want to single out any player, the win is deserved and every Germany player delivered."
When asked for his thoughts on the Frank Lampard goal that was disallowed in the first half, Löw admitted, "As far as I could see, I have to say the ball was across the line so it should have been given."
Germany Coach Joachim Löw Admits his Team Targeted John Terry in England Win
Löw reveals in tactics that tore up England defence
(On Thomas Müller) "When it comes to the 18-yard box he is totally cool in hitting home when he has the opportunity. I really love the way he dives into that area and finishes chances off. This is quite impressive, he is only 20," Löw said.

Post-match interview on ARD
Germans Stun England in Bloemfontein

"Ich spüre die Überzeugung und den Mut" - a post-match interview from Spiegel Online
Another post-match interview from Handelsblatt

Player ratings from goal.com
Official FIFA page

Match highlights

Later articles on the match:

"I don't know what could have made England so tired for the game against us and don't know how they prepared.
"But during the game we knew we could add to the speed of our play but when I looked at Gerrard or Lampard, who are strong players who play quickly, I saw them running around but not up to the speed I'm used to seeing from them.
"We had prepared very intensively. The season was long, so it might have been difficult for our players to take intensive training. "But we have a young team. They can take that. "They regenerate very well the day after a heavy session. We are in perfect shape physically." - from thefreelibrary.com (FIFA press conference, 2 July 2010)

How Germany Beat England - 11 August 2010

Drawing, right, by Raparin Thailand, with thanks to Nitny BayArena.

Joachim Löw fails to show for press conference - 26 June 2010

Training at Central University of Technology's stadium in Bloemfontein,
26 June 2010
Pre-match interview with ZDF, 25 June 2010 and a look back at some past contests with England

Press Conference, 25 June 2010

"We do not fear England," says Löw

"Both teams will act with courage and while we have a young team, we will be able to hold our own. You can say it's youth versus international class, Germany v England, and we're looking forward to it."
Löw believes England stars like Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard are among the best in Europe.
But Germany have quality players of their own, with 21-year-old midfielder Mesut Özil catching the eye in their group matches.
"I think this is a type of game which both teams will approach with a great deal of respect," stated Löw.
"But while there will be respect you won't find fear in anyone's eyes, neither on the English or German side. No matter how important matches have been in the past, Germany have never approached these games with fear. There is some tension, but I would call it healthy tension. So great respect, yes, but we won't go into hiding or put our heads in the sand."
"There are many chapters of the book of Anglo-German encounters on the pitch," remarked Löw."We've had many games that were quite important. These games have always had a certain spice to them, as the Germans say, and full of sparks. England remain England. They can fight, they can run, they are mentally strong. They are also experienced and have class."
"The English have a never-say-die attitude, the great fight and commitment that they always bring to the fore and, despite the high tempo, they have a superb technical level as well."
"There are many many foreign players with prominent positions in their [Premier League] teams, but even so, the England national team's quality is beyond question," he said.
"Look at [John] Terry, Rooney, Lampard and Gerrard... these players count among the best in Europe. England have always had players of international calibre.
"But I think not qualifying for Euro 2008 was the turning point, because Capello was hired. He injected a new sense of discipline, a clear path and a clear organisation to the team. They had some fantastic games during qualification, so even prior to the 2010 World Cup, England in my eyes were one of the favourites for the trophy."
Löw added: "I think the game against Slovenia got them back on the right track and we mustn't ever underestimate these players. Because those players have had so many matches down the years in the Champions League, in the Premier League, they have a wealth of experience. So that team will not be at 100, but 110%."
(Fitness of Bastian Schweinsteiger and Jerome Boateng)  "There is simply no way I can say at this stage whether one, or both for that matter, will be on the pitch on Sunday. We will take it day by day. Let's wait and see what happens. We need players who are 100% fit and not 90%. We can say there is a major question mark over both players."
Löw: Germany respect England
"The story (of the 1966 World Cup final) is significant, but many of our players weren't even born when the legendary games took place between the two sides. "I remember quite clearly the matches in '66 and '70."
Löw on the Up: So Just How Good is the New-Look German Side
"I want my team to be daring" says Joachim Löw
The Comprehensive Guide to Joachim Löw's Flair - 25 June 2010

Germany coach Joachim Löw wary of explosive Wayne Rooney

"We are looking forward to taking on England, it's always special for us. There is a great history in the World Cup between England and Germany," Löw told reporters.
"I've watched England's matches so far, they were struggling in the first two matches but that is quite normal, sometimes you only pick up speed as you go through the tournament. They haven't shown the best of form so far but make no mistake this is a wonderful team. England have enormous experience so this team is going to be incredibly dangerous."
"Rooney may not have been a big gun so far but he is always ready to explode, he is difficult to mark and control so our defence will need to watch that he doesn't score."
Löw hopes for good news on Schweinsteiger
"We have a few problems," admitted Löw. "Boateng is struggling with a back problem and Bastian has a thigh injury."Löw revealed that goalscorer Mesut Özil also took a knock late on in the victory that saw Germany top Group D ahead of the Black Stars to set up a Round of 16 clash with old foes England on Sunday in Bloemfontein.However, his greatest concern was for Bayern Munich midfielder Schweinsteiger, who received treatment for his thigh problem at the side of the pitch after being substituted 10 minutes from time and was replaced by Toni Kroos.
"I hope that his injury clears up in the coming days," said Löw. "If Schweinsteiger can't play, which I hope isn't the case, it would be a serious blow for us." - 24 June 2010
Jogi poses with a jersey given to him by Rwandan children prior to the press conference at the Velmore hotel in Erasmia near Pretoria. The children are participating in a sports and education project in Rwanda initiated by Nivea and Plan International and for which he is an ambassador.
For more about the Plan International Project, see my Nivea Page.

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