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World Cup 2010, Group D

"We did many things right but this is just the start."

9 June 2010 - 14 June 2010

Germany - Lukas Podolski 8', Miroslav Klose 26', Thomas Müller 68', Cacau 70'

Post Match Press Conference,
14 June 2010

More from at the press conference

Free-thinking Germany are the team to beat - 14 June 2010

Germany soccer chief Theo Zwanziger wants Coach Joachim Löw to stay

"At the moment, I have very different things on my mind and I don't want to discuss what may happen," Löw said. "I have shut this topic out of my mind.
"We want to achieve something big here and I have to focus on this goal 100 percent."
Löw ponders an embarrassment of German riches
"Now I'm struggling even more to use the term 'standard team'," Löw told reporters after Sunday's match at the Moses Mabhida stadium.
"Why? As far as our attackers are concerned we have a range of possibilities - Cacau, (Mario) Gomez, (Piotr) Trochowski - and they can really twist and turn a match when I bring them on. I could have fielded other players. It was a difficult decision not to field Cacau straight away. I just knew I had a strong substitute there on the bench.
At 2-0, I took off Klose and I've got a range of possibilities as far as our defence is concerned."
"Trochowski prepared well, he implemented the instructions I gave him but M¨ller is particularly valuable when it comes to playing a more defensive squad," the coach said. "Müller can take the ball from midfield and take it up to the 18 yard box. He can really penetrate the defence."
"The first match of the tournament comes with an enormous amount of pressure," said Löw. "Of course all the suspense and tightness before a match that's just a fact. So now we can be happy and confident and take the next step."
Löw praises Germany
"We dominated the whole match, from the beginning to the end," Löw told AFP. He added: "Australia were rather defensive so we tried to change the pace a bit, we tried to go deeper with Podolski, Klose, Özil, Müller and Sami Khedira, using low balls and inter-passing. It created problems for the Australian defence. Australia defended with 10 players. You can't go through that, you have to build it up through a passing game."
"The way we set up attack and the passing game is something we're worked on over the last couple of years. Using unused space: a precondition to playing well. We were also good on the ball and created some beautiful goals."
But Löw said that it was not all a clean bill of excellence.
"There's still some room for improvement. The defence was excellent under the high ball, but we could have closed down the space between defence and midfield a little quicker," he said. "As far as our attacking play and counter-attacking go, I'm very happy."
Meanwhile, Löw warned the German supporters should not get "euphoric" at the result, saying the team would face tougher opponents than the Socceroos. "It's the first match of the tournament. We know Australia are not the ultimate benchmark, but having said that they have performed well in the past. There will be more difficult opponents to play."
He added: "The first match of the tournament comes with a enormous amount of pressure. It was almost tangible. There were so many expectations after having trained for so long. It's difficult to get out of the starting blocks and get self-confidence, and I'm very satisfied to have won by such a huge margin. Now we take the next step to take points in the next game. The win was important because players gain self-confidence. They know what they can do but it's good for them to see themselves implement it," concluded Löw.
Germans rip Australia apart in opener
Germany will face tougher opponents, warns Löw
"Serbia lost today, so they will be quite a different benchmark," he said.
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The match in full length

Germany coach Joachim Löw promises to attack Australia in Durban - 13 June 2010
"We have to create pressure and opportunities," Löw said after wrapping up his side's preparations.
"I'm confident because when the games starts flowing, we can create and we have lots of players able to score. "All my players are fit and ready to play. It's very positive and means all the players have trained well. We have a very young team which can develop and has grown together over the last few weeks. There's a lot of talent and we'll try to put Australia in a tight spot."
Löw reiterated that he did not expect the Socceroos to play anything other than counter-attacking football. "Australia's strength is their capacity to get organised," Löw said. (Their goals-against record) "clearly indicates that Australia are strong on defence, which can destroy an opponent's game", he said.
"They do not allow many goal-scoring opportunities. Australia played that way and were successful in topping their qualifying group. They don't want to put on a great show, but they've been very successful. They also have a fighting spirit."

An interview with ZDF, 13 June 2010,
now uploaded to my youtube channel

As the World Cup kicks-off, it is not just the first sight of the German team that is awaited with interest,
but also the touchline appearance of the coach himself,
this blogger comparing Jogi to Bryan Ferry, Paul Weller, James Bond and the Milk Tray man in a mere five paragraphs.
All You Need is Löw - 12 June 2010

Löw hopes to embarrass rivals - 11 June 2010
"We want to be able to embarrass opponents with our playing skills," said Löw.
"We couldn't have done any more up to this point. That's why my conscience is clear and I have a really good feeling about the tournament."
Löw said his players were primed to meet the expectations of a nation that has won the World Cup three times and been runner-up on four occasions.
Germany aiming for emphatic win over Australia
"The team has been enthusiastic and ready to learn," he added. "Now we are just correcting small errors. We are going into the tournament well prepared." "We can go in with confidence, but we have respect for Australia," Loew said. "It's a well-organized team. Not spectacular, but they work hard, they have exceptional organization, good passing, they are incredible physically and they have almost perfect defense organization."
Jogi is pictured right at a press conference for the German dpa at the team's World Cup base, the Velmore Hotel, Pretoria 0

Löw backs Klose to hit top form - 10 June 2010

"He has worked hard in recent weeks and I felt for the first time on Tuesday that he felt better prepared physically," Löw at Germany's World Cup base.
"He is a very important player for us, but the situation was not easy for him last season. Bayern won the league and cup double, he has not played much and has a strong desire to compete. But he has worked hard in our training sessions."

Training 10/11 June at Pretoria

Press Conference with Franz Beckenbauer and US Olympic Legend Edwin Moses, Velmore Hotel, Pretoria, 9 June 2010

Video of the full press conference

Germany expecting a rough ride from rivals,  Spotlight on the Group D teams - 9 June 2010
"I wouldn't say we were too lucky with the draw," said Löw, whose side face Australia in their opening game on June 13 in Durban.
"It's not going to be an easy section, but it's certainly not beyond us. Serbia were fantastic in qualifying and they have some extremely good players, likewise we will have to be careful against Australia. Ghana are going to very difficult to play against due to their physical strength."
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