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May 2010 Photo Timeline

South Tyrol Training Camp, Part 2 >

South Tyrol Training Camp

Part 1, 21 - 25 May 2010

21 May 2010
The team transfer to South Tyrol - video footage from

Leaving Palermo Airport

Arriving at Verona

Arriving at the Weinegg hotel near the Italian town of Eppan

22 May 2010

Training Day at the Sportzone Rungg
in Appiano Sulla Strada Del Vino

Day One in South Tyrol - video from

23 May 2010

Press Conference at Sportzone Rungg

Warm-Up match against Süd Tyrol FC, Appiano Training Base

25 May 2010

Christian Träsch Blow from, also includes a match report on Germany's 4-0 win against Süd Tyrol FC

The team go Mountain Biking - video from

South Tyrol Training Camp, Part 2 >

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