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Saturday, 2 June 2013

RFK Stadium, Washington

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"This was a test match, and as the word says, test means trying out new stuff."

USA - Jozy Altindore 13'. Marc-Andre Ter Stegen (og) 16', Clint Dempsey 60', 64'
Germany - Heiko Westermann 52', Max Kruse 79', Julian Draxler 81'

On the 100th Anniversary of 'Soccer' in the US, the Washington crowd are treated to a seven-goal celebration!

Dempsey double helps US defeat Germany
Clint Dempsey leads USA to 4-3 win over Germany

Joachim Low takes positives out of depleted Germany side's 4-3 defeat to USA

"We had made many changes and only had two training sessions before this game so mistakes happen," he said. "Normally, we have (Mats) Hummels and (Jerome) Boateng. We made mistakes because we stood off our opponents too much. I'm not worried at all."
(Max Kruse)  "He pleased me in both matches, absolutely," said Low. "We were even more of a goalscoring threat with him in the team in both games. He moved well and got a goal too. He has definitely convinced me in these two games and training too."
Despite loss, Low maintains Germany's U.S. trip was worthwhile
"I think it was worth it in all respects," Low said through a translator. "With main actors absent ... I think we've chosen the right squad for this trip. They were very motivated, very enthusiastic, and if you ask each and every one of them they will confirm that they learned an awful lot."
"After the break we had to throw in some fresh players," Low said. "Marcel Jansen received a knock. The same was true for the two Benders [Lars and Sven]. Per Mertesacker has ankle problems, so it was obvious that sooner or later fresh players had to be thrown on the field."
"As far as Klose is concerned, he received a big big like," Low said. "He created immediately a sense of urgency in our attack."
"As far as the goalkeeper is concerned, it was extremely unfortunate that he made that mistake," Low said. "He's usually a very safe and secure keeper. I think he had some very good saves in the second half, so it would have been far too harsh, I didn't want to substitute him for another keeper."
"The way we pulled 4-1 back to only 4-3 [against the USA], this was admirable," Low said. "Looking at the two games in unison, I think we've seen a very motivated German side.
"For me as a coach, it was worthwhile, because while I know these guys from the Bundesliga, you don't know how ,/athey are as human beings, so it was really good to socialize with them and get a feel for what makes them tick.
"Overall the situation is very good, promising, satisfying. [A friendly means] checking out new players and maybe trying out some future oriented measures and a way for further development as far as individual players are concerned."
Bundestrainer Löw: "Ich mache mir keine Sorgen" - an interview on
Jogi calls the match an 'extremely entertaining' one for the American's centenary celebrations, but says his team were 'a little sleepy' in the first half, and praised the US team for their spirit.
Löw zur USA-Reise: "Ich habe die Richtigen mitgenommen" - Jogi reitterates that the US tour has been 'extremely positive', he had the right players with him, and the trip has been a good experience for them, with Max Kruse in particular being singled out for praise.

The Post-match press conference
Asked who he thought stood out amongst the US players, Jogi named Clint Dempsey and Jozy Altidore, having deservedly made a name for themselves abroad. He spoke of the 'passion and commitment' of the US team, who had obviously wanted to restore faith with their supporters after the embarrassment of the defeat to Belgium. He ended by thanking his hosts in English!

Match highlights from

Post-match Interview with Jogi and Jurgen

Starting Line-Up:
Marc-Andre ter Stegen, Benedikt Höwedes, Per Mertesacker (Philipp Wollscheid), Lars Bender (Heiko Westermann), Marcell Jansen (Dennis Aogo), Sven Bender (Max Kruse), Stefan Reinartz, Andre Schürrle (Sidney Sam), Julian Draxler, Lukas Podolski, Miroslav Klose (Nicolai Müller)


An interview with Jogi, from

Jogi shows his muscles at an open training session!

Press Conference, Washington, 1 June 2013

Joachim Löw, German national team manager: USMNT will "definitely" qualify for 2014 World Cup - from Major League Soccer

"When Jurgen was given the position of the US national team coach, the final objective was, and still is, to qualify for the 2014 World Cup," Löw told the media on Saturday ahead of the USA-Germany friendly on Sunday afternoon. "I think he will definitely accomplish that with his side."
"Soccer here in the USA is still somewhat lagging behind what it is in Germany, not necessarily in terms of quality but in terms of tradition," Löw said. "Soccer in Germany is enjoying much higher status than over here, where the other sports, the famous 'Big Four,' are ruling the roost."
"What Klinsmann will do, what he has done, is introduce new ideas and fresh approaches to the game," he said. "Hes been privileged to train under a whole array of coaches, and he was coach himself with Germany national team and Bayern Munich. So he has accumulated immense wealth of experience and knowhow. Couple this with the courage he has to effect change, and I think he will introduce a whole lot of new things that will do a load of good for the future of US soccer."
Löw kontra Klinsmann: Keine Gastgeschenke
Jogi tells how he had dinner with Jurgen Klinsmann Friday evening. "It was very emotional because we had not met for over a year", but he promised that there will be no favours at the match Sunday.
He explained at the press conference that they had not met for over a year, and talked about the 2006 World Cup, and the present.

Mit ter Stegen und den Bender-Zwillingen
Lars Bender will play at right back and Sven Bender in defensive midfield, becoming the first twins to start for Germany in 39 years. Marc-Andre ter Stegen will start in goal and a decision will be made on the second-half after the interval depending on the match situation.

Other points:
- Good for Miroslav Klose that he will get the chance to beat Gerd Müller's goal-scoring record, but not an issue as far as the team is concerned.
- Oliver Bierhoff will definitely remain with the management team to 2014.

The squad arrive in Washington after a morning flight from Miami, Friday 31 May 2013.

"Suffice to say I can raise my voice, too!"
"Well, when it comes to criticising defeats, the media here are catching up fast!"
A great interview with both Jogi and Jurgen on the website, and translated into English by Bundesliga Fanatic - 31 May 2013

They [the German side after Ecuador victory] will get another chance to prove their worth on Sunday in Washington D.C., where the side will go up against a USA team coached by former Germany and FC Bayern boss Jürgen Klinsmann. While Löw is looking forward to seeing is ex-colleague, there is no room for sentimentality: "We need to start strongly again and keep the pace of the game high. Then we'll be able to beat them." - from - 30 May 2013

Joachim Löw: "Ich habe bei Jürgen Klinsmann in diesen zwei Jahren extrem viel gelernt." - at the dfb press conference in Miami prior to their match against Ecuador, Jogi spoke of his admiration for his predecessor Jürgen Klinsmann. "I learnt much from him in these two years" he commented on their time together in the German management team, and spoke of Jürgen's ambition and that he expects him to take his US team to the 2014 World Cup. "We still have a good relationship. We do not keep in constant contact" he added "but always get back in touch."

Full details of the Squad Selection Press Conference can be found on my May 2013 Archive.

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