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World Cup 2018, Group F

"We deserve to go out."

24 June 2018 - 28 June 2018

In one of the biggest World Cup shocks of all time, Germany crash out of the World Cup losing 2-0 to Korea and finishing bottom of Group F.

Jogi's comment uploaded to the DFB website after the match:

"Everyone in the dressing room is obviously gutted. There's a dead silence. No one is really ready to say anything. But we have to accept the situation. Congratulations to Mexico and Sweden. We just couldn't stick the ball in the back of the net and get ourselves in front, which has been a theme in this World Cup. It's hard to explain why. We worked so hard in preparation for the tournament, but the football we're so used to seeing never materialised. We deserve to go out.

We didn't play with enough freedom against Mexico or Sweden. We never had enough dynamism to force our opponents into mistakes. We had our chances, but the clinical edge was missing. We had a plan, but we weren't able to execute it. It's incredibly difficult to repeat a feat like winning a World Cup. I can't pinpoint why we failed though. Perhaps we were too complacent ahead of the Mexico game and thought we'd simply be able to flick a switch. You sensed in training that the boys were building momentum; the Sweden game gave everyone a boost.

We knew that Sweden were beating Mexico and that we had to react. We had to risk everything and push forward, and that left holes at the back. We all lost today, the whole of German football, everything that we have built up over the last years. We have reached at least the semi-finals every time since 2006. We can only apologise. Analysing what went wrong begins with me as head coach, and I will have to sleep on it before I can do that. I'm too frustrated at the moment.

It's too early to talk about my future. We need a few hours to see things clearly. All I feel at the moment is immense disappointment. I never imagined that we would lose to South Korea. I will hold talks tomorrow in terms of what the future holds."

Kim Young-Gwon 90+2' Son Heung-Min 90+6'

Match reports:
Germany crash out as Korea Republic end on high - from FIFA.com
Germany fail to reach knockout stages - from dfb.de
Defending champions crash out after Kazan collapse - with link to match ticker

Germany out of World Cup 2018 after losing to South Korea as Sweden and Mexico progress

Germany pay the price for their complacency
Germany and Joachim Löw exit under dark cloud of uncertainty

'We deserved to be knocked out, it's a huge disappointment', admits Joachim Löw

'In our training camp we prepared really well for the role of reigning champions ready to be hunted down. But we have not put in the performance we normally do. We have to admit this is a defeat.
'Until quite recently we have been the most consistent, always among the final four.
'Now we are out which is absolute sadness but this has happened to nations before. We have young players who are very talented.'
Mesut Ozil: Joachim Löw opens up on Arsenal star's World Cup performance for Germany
"It wasn't only Ozil, a number of other players didn't perform as they normally would," Löw said in the aftermath.
"I take responsibility for that and stand up for that, but I thought it was a good team.
"I didn't think Thomas Muller had been that convincing in the first two matches and I wanted to make a point there [by dropping him].
"Towards the finish when we realised we needed a goal we took a defender out late on and that meant we became less structured, but we couldn't wait, we had to risk.
"We needed to throw things forward and it opened things up in defence."
Joachim Löw's first words after Germany were knocked out of the World Cup - a tribute to Jogi's (always present) humility.

FIFA post-match press conference

Match analysis:
Why were Germany knocked out and where do they go from here?
Germany pay the price for casual World Cup prep with humiliating exit - Raphael Honigstein coments that Jogi's early morning jog and photoshoot will be the image of Russia 2018 - conveniently forgetting that he also did likewise in 2014!
Five reasons Germany crashed out of the 2018 Russia World Cup
Match Analysis and Player Ratings - from schwarzundweiss.co.uk

And the inevitable questions on Jogi's future:
Joachim Löw considers his future after Germany's shock World Cup exit
Ein Emotionsloser unter Emotionslosen

Warum Joachim Löw der Richtige bleibt - why Jogi is the right man to take the team forward
but others disagree: Opinion: It's time for Joachim Löw to go
Time for another German reboot - with or without Joachim Löw

More German headlines from today - 28 June 2018
Was nun, Herr Löw? asks rp-online
Der Absturz von Joachim Löw - the crash of Joachim Löw - along with the obligatory 'survey'.
Bild were, surprisingly, the least subtle of all with a survey entitled Sollte Jogi Löw zurücktreten? appearing online as the team were flying back.

Joachim Löw cannot survive Germany's World Cup humiliation says Uli Hesse, referring to some 'rulebook' of which only he seems to be aware.
Mehrheit spricht sich für Löw-Rücktritt aus - another poll from those people who also believed Brazil would win the 2014 World Cup.

Picking the Bones Out of Germany's World Cup Carcass - Bleacher Report review the tournament

Abendblatt.de confirm that shortly after the match on Wednesday night, Reinhardt Grindel took Jogi to one said and told him "I do not doubt you".

The return to Germany

As the team flew back to Frankfurt from Moscow the following morning, 28 June 2018, Bild revealed there would be no immediate decision on Jogi's future:

Deutschland fliegt heim - Grindel: Heute keine Jogi-Entscheidung - with an account of hourly developments and fallout.

"Unfortunately yet again, as in 2012, the team were not allowed to travel back in privacy and instead had the spectacle of journalists and photographers trying to get tabloid stories on the flight back. While I am no expert on the logistics of such an event, it surely must be seen that an aeroplane is a confined claustrophobic environment and at such an emotional time should the vultures whose only aim is to get humiliating headlines really be allowed such an easy ride to do so?"

Starting Line-Up:
Manuel Neuer, Joshua Kimmich, Niklas Süle, Mats Hummels, Jonas Hector (Julian Brandt), Sami Khedira (Mario Gomez), Toni Kroos, Leon Goretzka (Thomas Müller), Mesut Özil, Marco Reus, Timo Werner

Germany's world cup fate to be decided today, coach Joachim Löw safe no matter the outcome

Press Conference, Kazan, 26 June 2018

Joachim Löw was first asked about Thomas Müller and his lack of form. He replied that after the Mexico game he had had a long chat with the player, had tried to analyse his way of playing through videos. Thomas is a player who is very important to comments and is self-critical. They talked about a couple of things, but he stressed that Thomas is the kind of player who, despite one or two negative matches, has a positive mindset and is a very important player for them.

He also commented on Mesut Özil and Sami Khedira's good reactions in training to being benched against Sweden. Those who did not participate in the last match are options for tomorrow.

Löw applauds Özil's 'great reaction' to being dropped

Team news for tomorrow:
- Sebastian Rudy is unavailable. His nose was broken in multiple places and he would not be fit to play for another two/three days.
- Mats Hummels can play tomorrow. He has no problems following his neck injury.

"I've seen in training how much the players want to win the match against South Korea. It will depend on many things, including how they perform in training, current form and the games against Mexico and Sweden. I know the qualities of each and every player and I look at what he can do for our team and what value he can add. What types of player are useful against this opponent? There are various criteria which will decide how the team is set up."

Löw says Germany aware of S. Korea's counter attacks

Low said his team will try not to make mistakes in the midfield and give up the ball to the opponents.
"If we lose the ball, the opponents can go deep and open space," he said. "I hope we don't lose the ball like we did in previous matches."
"We have to look at situations of the group and we'll be consistently informed about the situations and score of the match between Sweden and Mexico," he said. "We have to score two goals more than the opponents and that will be a clear path to the round of 16. We'll execute our tactics and we would like to master our own destiny."
"South Korea have strong counterattacking players. That's something they love to do. They try to adjust to their opponents in defence. They will play aggressively - earlier than Sweden did. They'll want to win the ball in midfield and they have two or three players who are really strong on the counter; we have to prevent that and we can't give up possession easily. We won't be marking Son man-on-man because he'll take all the freedom his coach allows him. He makes fast runs in behind the defence so our defence has to be alert. We have to make sure we don't give the ball away - that will be very important for us."

Jogi said he did not think the heat and humidity in Kazan tomorrow would be more of a problem for his team than for South Korea. They have already demonstrated that they can step up to the pace in humid conditions.

Joachim Löw insists Germany won't allow euphoria of Sweden victory to 'extend too far' as his side bid to reach last 16 against South Korea

After Sweden, it was pure elation,' said Löw. 'To achieve the goal in the dying moments when a single point would have left us in a precarious position. Everyone knew the situation was not good after losing against Mexico.
'Zero points and the pressure was huge. So there was euphoria and the mood was great but we had to make sure it was not hysterical. We kept a level head because we had to work.
'It is true, this victory presents us with a small step to the last 16 but the next match has to be won. In a tournament it is always the same. Victory and euphoria cannot extend too far.'
Löw summoned an example from Brazil, four years ago, when his team won the trophy.
'We won 4-0 against Portugal and there was a burst of euphoria,' he said. 'Then we drew 2-2 with Ghana.'
"I'm not one to go through all the possible scenarios. Of course I'll be kept up-to-date about the score in the game between Mexico and Sweden so that I can react if need be. But we have to make sure we win our own game - by two goals if possible. It depends on our own performance and we have to do all we can to make use of our strengths."

Joachim Löw confirmed he was a supporter of VAR and believes it has worked very well in the World Cup. It has been clear that the intervention comes only in the event of clear cut mistakes and the authority of the refereee is not called into question. The VAR referees are well trained and he is totally in favour of its introduction.

Reise nach Kasan

Training, Vatutinki Sports Arena, Moscow, 25 June 2018

Letztes Training in Watutinki vor der Abreise nach Kasan

Rückkehr nach Watutinki - 24 June 2018

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