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South Tyrol Training Camp

Week 3, 4 - 7 June 2018

4 June 2018

Announcement of final 23-man squad, with Manuel Neuer

"There are no doubt nicer days in life than when you have to send four players home that would have deserved to go to the World Cup,"

Today was the day four players were made aware they were not going to Russia. Joachim Löw spoke for a few minutes before announcing the names. Jogi spoke of it being one of the less enjoyable aspects of being a national coach, especially when the news had to be imparted to players who deserved to be part of the World Cup and were invited for that reason.

He had spoken to all four players and likened the situation to stopping players at the airport check-in and preventing them boarding the plane. The

The decisions that had to be made were not easy ones. The coaching staff had analysed training sessions, the Confederations Cup, friendlies, put all the information together and reached a conclusion. He stressed how mportant it was to be able to vary within the squad at tournament, but that it also needed to be well-balanced with back-ups in each and every position, have every option available and be able to deal with any situation that comes the team's way. Jogi explained it was very touch and go with the final decisions, similar to a photofinish at a 100m Olympic race.

He added his personal thanks to the players in question for their performances and attitude while at the training camp, stressing that they gave absolutely everything and fought for their places. He also thanked in advance the players friends, families and partners for the roles they will be playing in their lives over the next few weeks.

The names were then announced - Bernd Leno, Jonathan Tah, Nils Petersen and Leroy Sané.

He spoke of Manuel Neuer's examination in Munich on Sunday, at which he had been passed 100% fit. He had no problems after the Austria game and is ready to go.

As far as the schedule for the next week, today will be a day of regeneration for the players. He could see from the Austria game that some still have tired legs, the physical presence was not there in the second-half and mistakes crept in. However he is delighted that the camp has passed so far without injury, showing the sessions have been planned and executed expertly. He will be going over the mistakes from the Austria game in training, after which they will then concentrate on the first World Cup group game against Mexico and by then everything will be where it needs to be.

Jerome Boateng will join up with the team tomorrow, providing everything goes to plan with the individual training he is doing today.

Jogi did not expand on the specific reasons for the selections he had made, and passed the stage on to captain Manuel Neuer.

By far the most controversial decision, particularly among followers of the Premier League, was the omission of Leroy Sané:
Leroy Sané left out of Germany's World Cup squad by Joachim Löw

Further comments made by Jogi after the press conference had ended were later reported:

Löw announces World Cup without Leno, Tah, Petersen and Sané
"We still fully believe in their abilities. I spoke to the four players and of course they are deeply disappointed. It certainly wasnt an easy decision - it was very close. They all fought hard for their place, and that certainly added value to the team. You have to see the bigger picture; we need to be well balanced at a tournament and be prepared for every eventuality."
The boss also spoke about his decision to take captain Manuel Neuer as his number one goalkeeper. "He has assured us that he feels 100 percent fit and that his foot didn't cause him any problems against Austria. It's good that the game was able to go ahead. Manu showed that he has reached a very good level." Löw held final talks with Neuer on Sunday evening following an MRI scan that confirmed that his foot was fine.
From now, Löw is only looking ahead. "The final squad is confirmed, our focus is on Russia. You could tell that the team was a little tired after 13 or 14 training sessions, so it's important to recover today, then we will crack on from Tuesday," confirmed the coach. "The Austria game showed that there are still a few areas that we need to work hard on, but we will ensure that everyone is in peak condition for the first game. We're focusing on Mexico.

Joachim Löw explains cutting Leroy Sané from his World Cup squad

"That was a very close decision between him and Julian Brandt, which was made in favour of Brandt," Löw explained.
"Draxler, Reus and Müller were definitely in."
"Leroy has a huge talent," Löw added. "He will be back again from September. He had not delivered in international matches yet."
"It was a very close decision. If it was a 100 metre race, it would have been a photo finish."

Joachim Löw has his reasons for leaving out Manchester City star Leroy Sané

"There's absolutely no problem off the pitch," said the 58-year-old. "Leroy has conducted himself correctly and very professionally. But we had to make a decision because the squad has to be balanced."
"It's important that we are variable and flexible," he explained before naming the four omissions, adding another point which was also to Sané's disadvantage: "And it's equally important to have at least two options in every position."
Comment and analysis:
Sané a surprise omission as Jogi Löw names his final 23 - from Rich Joshua at schwarzundweiss
Why Leroy Sane's Germany omission makes sense for Joachim Low - from Raphael Honigstein
In-Sane in the brain? Why Germany boss Joachim Löw isn't mad to pick Julian Brandt over Leroy Sane
"You have to look at the big picture so we have a variable and well-balanced team prepared for all eventualities. We have good players on the wing in Thomas Müller and Marco Reus. Julian Draxler played a good Confed Cup, and made progress there. It was a tight race between Leroy Sane and Julian Brandt. Both have big qualities, both are good in the one-on-one duels," explained Löw.
"Julian Brandt was at the Confederations Cup, had some strong games there, and put in good shifts in the training camp too. Leroy Sane is a huge talent, no doubt, and he will be back with the team in September."
Sane's World Cup snub shocks the world - but he does not fit into Löw's Germany plans

Leroy Sané ist raus - und England ist sauer - focusing on the reaction in the British media

5 June 2018

Erst das offizielle Mannschaftsfoto, dann Training! - from

6 June 2018

Secret training today, no a shortage of photographs!

Das vorletzte Training in Eppan

"Ohne Löw wären die Erfolge nicht denkbar"
Bastian Schweinsteiger speaks to Kicker
7 June 2018

Photographs taken during an interview at the team hotel:

Joachim Löw als Auto-Designer - from the Mercedes-Benz website.

The final day in South Tyrol

Goodbye, Eppan!

Abschied aus Eppan - a look back at the training camp

As the training camp came to a close, the squad flew back to Germany for their final pre-tournament friendly against Saudi Arabia.

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