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South Tyrol Training Camp

Week 2, 28 May - 3 June 2018

28 May 2018

Vormittagstraining in Eppan - from

Later in the day the national team played a behind-closed-doors friendly against the U20's winning 7-1 with goals from Lreoy Sané (2), Julian Brandt, Leon Goretzka, Joshua Kimmich, Nils Petersen and Mario Gomez

Manuel Neuer returns to action in Germany's closed-door friendly

A-Team besiegt U 20 im Test 7:1 - video footage from the match

Toni Kroos will be given an extra period of rest and will not feature in the friendly against Austria.

29 May 2018

Neuer to make injury comeback against Austria

At his press conference this morning, goalkeeping coach Andreas Köpke spoke of the supportive messages the management team had sent to underfire Liverpool goalie Loris Karius:
Joachim Löw lends support to Loris Karius

30 May 2018

Manuel Neuer was in the limelight once again for Germany's second training camp friendly: The World Cup winner and DFB captain played in net for the Germany U20s, up against the first team and was only beaten by Thomas Müller from the spot and Julian Draxler. - from

A-Team siegt 2:0 gegen U 20 mit Manuel Neuer - from

31 May 2018

Arsenal star Mesut Ozil still battling back injury but not expected to miss start of Germany's World Cup

1 June 2018

Press Conference, Rungghof Training Center, Girlan, Italy

As the Germany preparation camp passed its halfway point, Joachim Löw opened his press conference by declaring "so far, so good". They have been working on intensity in training. At the start of the week there was some tiredness visible but that was to be expected. Everything was going to plan and that made him happy, but there was work to do over the next week. Certain aspects needed to be worked on intensively, a few things were not quite where he would like them to be, but with no serious injuries or drop outs he had a confident feeling moving forward.

A decision on Manuel Neuer will be made Sunday. He has returned with great confidence and made a good impression against the U20's and he will now be observed against Austria, in a real game, to see how he is doing mentally and physically, after which they will sit down and have open and honest discussions about how it went.

Germany without Hummels and Muller as Low prepares to cut squad

"If there's one thing I haven't thought about it's the starting line-up [for Austria]," said Low. "We have tested a few things out against the Under-20s and among ourselves.
"Mats Hummels and Thomas Muller have had a lot of games with us - we know what to expect - which is why we're leaving them behind for the Austria game.
"For players like Sami Khedira, who did not play much towards the end of the season, this is a chance for them."
Joachim Löw thrilled to have Marco "the rocket" Reus on board for Germany's FIFA World Cup defence
"He's an incredibly skilful and intelligent player, a real handful for the opposition," Löw said ahead of Saturday's World Cup warm-up match against Austria in Klagenfurt.
"He's so able, he makes it look so easy and playful. His timing is spot-on, even his passing. He's clinical. He's making a really good impression, and he'll play against Austria. Marco's like a rocket!"
On other squad members:

"Nils [Petersen] will get the chance to play in Austria - whether that will be in the first or the second half I don't know yet. My impression has been that he's kept improving over these last few days. He showed in both games against the U20s that he's flexible and quick, that he can receive the ball and contributes well defensively. He even sometimes moves out wide - I'm very pleased with him."

"I told Marc [André ter Stegen]today how good his season has been. He had a few difficulties to start with in his career with us, and I think it's impressive how he's put that behind him and become such a strong goalkeeper with a good standing at Barcelona. He's matured a great deal, he looks solid and doesn't let mistakes unnerve him."

Specifically referring to the comments made by Thomas Schneider which had been interpreted in some areas of the press as criticism of the midfielder, Jogi explained that the management team had spoken to the Mesut Özil about his lay-off with injury and the possible need to take on extra training sessions and work with the fitness coach due to his lack of game time. However he is working with intensity and just needs to find his rhythm again.

Zweifel an Özil kennt Löw nicht

A lot of the talk at the press conference was of the difficult decisions that would have to be made over the weekend as to the four players who would not be travelling to Russia "I'm completely relaxed about it. Naturally we'll have heated discussions about it - it's not a nice feeling for us making the final decision; we consider the pros and cons, what could happen in a tournament and how we could fill the positions, then we make the decisions. I'll talk to the players on Monday morning then we have until midday to submit the squad to FIFA. Sometimes there are certain arguments for or against; sometimes it's a gut feeling. Obviously not being picked his disappointing for the individual players - these decisions aren't easy for us to make. Their worlds collapse in a way when they're not chosen, it's a huge disappointment. Not everything comes depends on Saturday's game, but it will obviously influence the final decision. I plan to use all my substitutes, I might even make a change during the first half. The game itself isn't the be-all and end-all, though."

He said the management team will have a get-together on Sunday to discuss the squad before the decision is announced Monday. The whole squad is not discussed, just certain individuals. He said such a day is never easy but is "part of the job". He explained the delicacy of bringing bad news to some players and that sometimes they do not want to turn it into a long discussion.

Jogi was asked about the surprise announcement of Zinedine Zidane's resignation at Real Madrid in the context of him perhaps one day becoming the coach of a top European club. He agreed that he was a little surprised by the announcement, but thinking about it again realised it made a lot more sense having won three Champions League titles in a row. He said only Zidane knows the real reasons behind his exit and that has to be respected. However the issue makes no difference to him as he is in charge of Germany!

Germany's Joachim Löw rules himself out of Real Madrid running

"You can rule me out completely," Low said. "For me it is not an issue, I am focused now on the World Cup. For sure Real Madrid will find a good replacement."
On the new headsets being implemented for the use of coaches, he replied "I do think the headset could be important for us - one coach would always be in the stands. With the headset it might be possible to make a few changes during the first half if necessary. That is a step that could help us in some phases of the game, but until now we have always coped with getting the reaction at half time." He added that quite often it is difficult to communicate within a game anyway, with the atmosphere and noise of the crowd.

Russia, he said, would be a completely different place to Brazil and the Campo Bahia base camp. For a start, there will not always be sunshine! However the important thing is to get the best out of the players, and he is looking forward to the task in hand and flying out to Moscow.

2 June 2018

The squad (minus three or four names) travelled to Klagenfurt for the first of their two pre-tournament friendlies, full details of which can be found on
my Austria 2 - 1 Germany individual match page.

3 June 2018

Two important arrivals at Eppan today. Firstly Toni Kroos arrived from his extended break, meaning that, for one day at least, the squad is at its full complement of 27. The German team also had a visitor from one of its biggest fans, Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Vormittagstraining in Eppan

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