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South Tyrol Training Camp

Part 1, 23 - 27 May 2018

23 May 2018

Arrival at Bolzano Airport and Eppan

24 May 2018

A major interview with Jogi has appeared in Bild. He spoke about the omission of Mario Götze:

"It wasn't the easiest conversation with him," Low told Bild on Wednesday.
"He achieved so much for Germany at such an young age, he scored the decisive goal in Rio. And he did that with a strong technique, it's actually the goal of the century.
"That's why he's so special in everyone's perception. We owe a lot to him."
Throughout the last couple of years, 25-year-old Gotze struggled with injuries and illnesses, and Low said that "if he plays a strong season, the door for a national team return is always open, and Mario is aware of that." - from

Germany boss Löw upbeat over Neuer's World Cup hopes

"I'm optimistic and I assume that Manuel Neuer is able to make it," he told Bild after Neuer was given squad number one in Germany's party earlier this week.
"He has now been back in Bayern's training for more than two weeks and has reached the maximum load of physical demand. I think he can maintain this load in our training camp.
"Only Manuel himself can evaluate in the end if he still has subconscious fears. He promised us that we'll talk about that honestly. He is aware of his responsibility for himself and the team as well."
"Manuel goes to the World Cup as a player who is a 100 per cent ready to play - otherwise he won't," he added.
"It won't be that he only goes with us as a captain who just sits on the bench."

Press Conference, Rungghof Training Center, Girlan, Italy

"We're well equipped to prepare optimally for the World Cup. I have a good feeling, and the players do too."

Joachim Löw took to the stage for the first DFB press conference at their preparation camp in South Tyrol.

Joachim Löw: Manuel Neuer is injury free ahead of World Cup

"He needs to complete the sessions and show that he isn't suffering from any problems whatsoever. He is well aware of his responsibility to both the team and his health. He trained fine with Bayern and is fully on board here too, showing he is capable of dealing with the intensity. We will take things one day at a time and will continue to discuss the matter with him. If he feels like he can play at 100 percent, then he will be in the squad. If not, we need to talk about other options. As of today, there are no problems, even with the more strenuous work like jumping and diving. Things are looking positive."

However Jogi also spoke of his contingency plans for the captaincy:

Müller in line for Germany captaincy says Löw

FC Bayern Munchen attacking midfielder Thomas Müller is set to be named the captain of Germany for the 2018 World Cup should goalkeeper Manuel Neuer not return to full fitness.
"Thomas can do an amazing stand-in job because he's a player with a good relationship to everyone in the team.
"Even in the most serious of moments, he never forgets to have fun."

Jerome Boateng:  We're still not 100 percent sure whether Jerome will join up with the squad on Friday or not. He will undergo a final examination in Munich, and then we will decide whether or not he will travel tomorrow or in a few days. He has completed some sessions, is doing running exercises and is almost able to push himself to the limit physically again. It's a muscle injury, so we don't want to make any mistakes. He is always under observation by the medical staff at Bayern and he is on track. I won't put a definitive timeframe on anything, but he should be able to complete parts of team training next week.

Löw says every player will get equal chance for WC spot

Building the training intensity:  We have 19 players at the moment - 16 outfield players and three goalkeepers. I spoke to almost everyone on the phone in the last week, and I offered the players who played on the weekend the chance to join up two days later. Most of them said yes, but Sami Khedira and Julian Draxler wanted to arrive with the rest of the squad on Wednesday. The first few days will be more focused on individual work; our job is to get those players who have had varying workloads in the past weeks all on the same level. The plan is to move onto tactical and team elements on the weekend.

On the final World Cup squad:  We will sit down before the deadline and discuss it. We haven't said to anyone that they're only here provisionally. Everyone should have the same chance to make the squad and we don't want to unsettle anyone. We need to wait and see if any injuries happen, which the past has shown us is a possibility. We will play against the U20s on Monday and Wednesday. We need to have balanced options for every position. We'll wait and see what happens. At a pre-World Cup training camp like this, every player is fully motivated and wants to prove that they deserve to be here. A decision won't be made until close to the deadline.

Joachim Löw backs Gündogan and Özil

"We've had a private discussion and both players have assured us that no political message was intended," he said.
"For me, it's no longer an issue within the team and the sporting aspects will now take over."
He added that it had been Ilkay's idea to meet the President of Germany and for him the issue is now closed.

Joachim Löw beendet Diskussion über Sandro Wagner
Also ended is any further talk of bitter excluded Sandro Wagner. "The matter is settled for me" he said "I see no reason why I should talk about it".

Klare Fingerzeige von Joachim Löw
Stuttgart Nachrichten describes Jogi as 'almost elated' the World Cup preparation has begun.
Jogi also discussed the three different types of strikers they have in their squad, how he expects the Bayern Munich players to now be focused away from the disappointments at the end of their season, and calls the 2022 World Cup a 'great motivation' for him.

In conclusion, Jogi confirmed he was more than happy with his surroundings in South Tyrol "Huge credit to the whole of South Tyrol. They have really put an exceptional setup together here. Everything we requested has been implemented perfectly. We were here in 2010 and 2014 and feel very much at home. We have excellent conditions; the hotel is great, and it's very close to the pitch, which is in great shape."

Löws leidenschaftliches Plädoyer
Jogi reminded players to look at the big picture and that sometimes egos have to take a back seat. He spoke of Per Mertesacker who, despite being left out of the Starting XI after the Round of 16 in 2014 continued to support his friends, and of Christoph Kramer who ended up in the field for the Final because he was ambitious, never let up and supported everyone else.

Löw: "Things are looking positive for Neuer, Boateng is on track." - dfb summary of the press conference

Training, Sportanlage Rungg, Eppan

Fahrradtour in Südtirol
What would a training camp be without a bike ride?

Erstes Training in Eppan

Auf Bundestrainer Joachim Löw warten einige Baustellen
The training camp is all about laying the groundwork for the World Cup says Jogi, who is described fitting in well in an area with good food and fine wine.

Start der WM-Vorbereitung: Anreise nach Eppan - from

25 May 2018

A major interview with Jogi appeared in today's print edition of Bild.

He was pictured posing with cardboard cut-outs of various figures including Messi, Ronaldo and Mohamed Salah, plus Angela Merkel and Oliver Kahn, as he discussed the players of the year, TV pundits and the German Chancellor.

Joachim Löw: I'd choose Leo Messi over Cristiano Ronaldo

"I would stick with Messi," said Löw. "Cristiano Ronaldo is sensational, a very good professional, an incredible goalscoring machine for many years, but Messi is the most complete player I have seen."
Low, who took Germany to glory in 2014 against Messi's Argentina, told Bild that he loves Messi because on top of "scoring goals, he's a genius who provides 30 to 40 assists every season for 10 years, as well as scoring 50 or so goals."
"The speed that he eludes rivals at makes him uncatchable, he can leave eight or nine players behind him."
Germany boss Joachim Löw praises Mohamed Salah
"For me, Mohamed Salah is the biggest surprise of the season - so many goals in the Premier League and the Champions League,"
"He is not only a strong striker, but also a really good footballer. Liverpool and Klopp should thank Salah a lot for his outstanding performances this year.
"There are very few players this year who deserve to be highlighted like Mohamed Salah," Löw added.
Asked if he considered he had given up the chance to coach one of these three players in a top European club side, he disagreed, saying it was possible he could still be coaching at 72!

He also said he knew about his South Korean 'clone', their coach Shin Tae-yong, but that he had yet to meet him.

On critical TV expert such as Oliver Kahn and Jens Lehmann, he said he appreciated their contributions, and while not watching them for national team matches, they do sometimes offer a new perspective. He did however say it was unlikely that he would himself become a TV pundit in the future.

The edition's interview turned towards the more serious side of the World Cup taking place in Russia, and he thoughts on political issues. He expressed his admiration for Angela Merkel and her support for s strong, united Europe, and his appreciation of how she communicates with the national team, often explaining complex political issues in a simple and clear manner which he said was a 'great gift'. He confirmed that the Chancellor had told him to ensure they concentrated on sporting issues in Russia and left politics to the politicians, but he said he wanted to convey the message that they stand for open-mindedness and tolerance. He also praised Reinhard Grindel's leadership. He hoped Angela Merkel would make the decision to attend a match in Russia, especially if it was the Final!

Jogi: "Ich wünsche mir die Kanzlerin in Russland" - the full interview

Open Training Session, Eppan

Joachim Löw bittet Fans um Ruhe
It was an open training session in Eppan today, with Jogi having to tell the over-excited young spectators to be a little quieter!
With the arrival of the Bayern Munich players, the squad is now only missing Toni Kroos who plays for Real Madrid in the Champions League final tomorrow.

26 May 2018

Bundestrainer erklärt das Phänomen Kroos
Jogi explains the midfielder's strengths being his resilience, professionalism and always being win-orientated. "He is just as calm and balanced before a Champions League or World Cup Final as he is a group-stage match. This makes him incredibly special."

Fitter Neuer als Nummer 1 zur WM
In an interview with Sportschau, Joachim Löw has said that if Manuel Neuer is fit to play, he will be the first-choice goalkeeper. Marc-Andre ter Stegen would yjrm assume the No 2 role. "He knows that Manuel has been number one for a some years and he is the captain of the team. He will accept that role,"
However should Neuer not prove his fitness, then Jogi confirmed he would have no qualms entering a tournament with ter Stegen as No 1.

Sportschau reports from the training camp

The full interview on Sportschau

Löw: Mit Petersen die Gegner überraschen - Jogi talks to ZDF on Manuel Neuer, Jerome Boateng, Sami Khedira, Nils Petersen and his future plans.

Tag 4 im Trainingslager

27 May 2018

A day off from training today for the squad.

Jogi Löw wird kein Headset tragen
It's been confirmed that while Marcus Sorg and Thomas Schneider can use the new technology available at this World Cup to communicate between bench and stands, Jogi will not himself be wearing a headset.

South Tyrol Training Camp, Part 2 >

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