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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Euro 2008, Semi-Final

"We've got a winner's mentality and want to win the title. There's a lot of joy and happiness tonight."

Germany - Schweinsteiger 26', Klose 78', Lahm 89'
Turkey - Ugur 23', Semih 85'

Germany strike late to claim final place
Lahm chops down Turkey
Löw on high after 'crazy' win

"That was a battle in which we have expended a lot of energy.We weren't very good in the first-half and in the second we weren't that good either.
But we gritted our teeth and we wanted the victory.The Turks played really well. They chased after the ball a lot and maybe they ran after it very well and we had heavy legs and the heat didn't do us any favours."

"Turkey were very strong technically and there were sections of the game when we couldn't get a grip," Löw said.
"We saw how Turkey had come back three times at this tournament to turn games completely on their head, so we knew what was coming. In the last few minutes we were trembling but we were lucky enough to score in the 90th minute. We were pretty convinced then that they wouldn't be able to come back for a fourth match."
"Turkey were combining excellently in midfield, though, so I thought it was the right choice to stick with one forward and not sacrifice our strength in midfield," the coach added.
Germany will now face the winners of Thursday's second semi-final between Spain and Russia in Vienna."Tomorrow we've got to start getting ready for the final. We've got to do a lot better.
We've had some great matches in this tournament, one or two that weren't so good, but we've made it into the final."When we've come so far we obviously want to win and we're going to bring the winner's mentality into the match."

Match report from bbc.co.uk
"We have caught the winning mood and can claim the title now," said Low, whose team clinched the win thanks to Philipp Lahm's last-minute winner.
"It was unbelievable. It was crazy, incredible drama with all these goals in the final minutes."

Philipp Lahm's late winner sends Turkey home and Germany into another final
Germany beat brave Turks

Highlights from tv.dfb.de

A great montage on youtube, capturing the full excitement of the game!

A pre-match interview from Turkish TV

Clips from the pre-match press conference

Excerpts from the UEFA pre-match press conference on youtube from and also from AFP

Löw: Don't write off Turkey
But when asked if Turkey could be written off due to their depleted squad, Low replied: "If you believe that, you only have yourself to blame. We are all familiar with the way Turkey play, they can always claw a goal back.Turkey always believe in turning the tables and have hit back in situations where no one would have put a penny on them."Joachim Low full of respect for Germany's semi-final opponents."That just seems to give them renewed energy late in the game which is deadly for their opponents."Their goals against the Czechs and Croatia were real miracle situations. They go the distance, propelled by a strong national pride, Turkey are even more creative than Portugal, so we have to be in the right mindset."Low says he will "crank up" the intensity in Germany's training in preparation and is hoping to have veteran midfielder Torsten Frings in the team, despite fractured ribs, but is yet to decide on tactics. The Germany boss showed his nous last Thursday by fielding an inspired 4-5-1 formation.
"The most important thing has been to keep the players grounded, after all we have seen how strong the Turks have become," said 48-year-old Low."We did well with a 4-5-1 formation, but my favourite is a 4-4-2. I will assess Turkey and decide which system to play and whether we will field one, two or maybe three strikers.No matter what formation we play, the players must put the work in. It's important we run and when you get that right, tactics don't really matter."
Löw says he will not tolerate any arrogance against the depleted Turks."I know our team will be highly focussed, they have shown that already, if there is one thing we can - and will - avoid it is arrogance," said Löw."There is a huge amount of concentration in the team, you can feel it in the air, we have to play to our own strengths. For any coach to be in the semi-final is a gift."
More from the press conference at dfb.de

Fenerbahce experience will help German coach Löw - 24 June 2008

"We know some of their players are injured, but those who come in will give their all to compensate," said Löw.
"When I lived in Turkey at Fenerbahce, it was my third year as coach and I benefited enormously from the experience. Turkey belongs to my most cherished learning experiences.Turkish supporters are so passionate, to support a team is a huge priority for their fans, it is unique and I really learned from that.!
"The hospitality was incredible.They are warm people, even those who were not the richest or who knew me only from seeing me on television would invite my family and I for dinner.Wherever I went, I was welcomed with open arms."
Welt Online talks about Jogi's time as a club coach in Turkey, both with Fenerbahce and Adanaspor

Training, Tenero, 24 June 2008


Let there be peace after the match
"I dearly wish for this match to pass without incident," said Löw, who coached Turkish side Fenerbahce for a season in 1998.
"I hope there is no provocation from the fans of either side. There are more than two million Turks in Germany, so I hope it will be a peaceful affair back home on the streets and in the cities. At the end of the day, it is just about football. This is only sport."
Joachim Löw admits considering quitting Germany role - 22 June 2008
(after Croatia defeat) "Obviously I had these thoughts (of resigning)," he said.
"But I tried to turn them into positives and don't let these thoughts get me down. I try and give the team an air of optimism."
(had Germany lost to Austria) "We would have had to sit down and considered how the atmosphere was and if it was worth (continuing)," he said.
"I cannot say what would have happened. Probably a lot would have collapsed around us."(on the semi-final with Turkey) "After winning two or three games, the euphoria is huge and they (Turkey) are extremely convinced in their ability. They have been an uncomfortable opponent throughout this tournament and have some technically strong player," Low said."Turks have a remarkable mentality, are self-confident and can always strike back."

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