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Thursday, 19 June 2008

Euro 2008, Quarter-Final

"The angle was very unusual, rarely had I been that far from the field"

Germany - Bastian Schweinsteiger 22', Miroslav Klose 26', Michael Ballack 61'
Portugal - Nuno Gomes 40', Hélder Postiga 87'

Classy Germans into semis
Germans power through Ronaldo and co
Germany win five goal thriller to send Portugal packing

Schweinsteiger says we played for the coach

Joachim Löw was proud of the way his German side rose to the occasion.The suspended coach had to watch the game from the stands, but was delighted with the way his side responded."We had a lot of courage, had good combinations, moved well without the ball - all the things that we've done well in the past we did," he said."Sitting behind the window in the stands was really difficult. It is too far from the action." - from bbc.co.uk, with link to full match report.

In an interview on the dfb.de website after the match Jogi said his team had proved how strong they can be when playing to their full potential and that it was a game played with desire and passion at the highest level. He also commented that his new forced viewpoint from the stands proved unusual and that he was surprised to have been left some aspirin and sedatives by UEFA! Returning to the dressing room 10 minutes after the game only two players had returned, the remainder were on the pitch still celebrating the victory! - 20 June 2008

Match highlights from tv.dfb.de

Jogi says stress cigarette is his business

German football trainer Joachim Löw has rejected criticism of his smoking a cigarette during the quarter final match against Portugal at the end of last week, saying it was his private business.
Social Democrat politician Lothar Binding had criticized the trainer as giving a bad example by smoking in public.But Löw told the Welt am Sonntag newspaper, "What should I say about it? It is my private thing. I am just human, with strengths and weaknesses. I smoke a cigarette sometimes, or drink a glass of red wine in the evening. It is not as if I am a hedonist."
He said it was not as if he had difficulty giving up smoking, saying, "I have to clear up a misunderstanding. I never fail when trying to give up, rather I take a break from it now and again. After the Euro 2008 is finished I will try to not smoke until the end of the year." - from thelocal.de - 22 June 2008

Germany have 'special plan' for Ronaldo, but Portugal are no one man team
An interview on tv.dfb.de

Germany slam Löw quarter-final ban - 19 June 2008
Löw: "My ban a misunderstanding" - as Jogi is called "renowned more for his stylish dress sense than anything he has said."

"I might just be the first national team coach who stays on in the stands, even after a ban is lifted," Löw joked. "You get a fantastic view."

We want to show Jogi some Löw, says Germany's Fritz
Löw forced to sit out Portugal quarter-final
German coach given touchline ban - 18 June 2008

"I am disappointed as I have nothing to reproach myself for," he said.
Low added: "I am disappointed that Uefa took such an astonishing decision. I had no argument with Hickersberger.I just wanted to have some calm as right from the start of the match the fourth official was bugging me.He kept saying to me 'go back, go back, back to your seat'. As I wanted to keep my concentration and work calmly I became more testy, without insulting him."
"This is a decision that is very grave," said team manager Oliver Bierhoff this evening. "This is a terrible decision for Joachim Löw personally. For over 14 years as a coach he has not made mistakes, he has not been suspended. He took it very badly." - from globeandmail.com

Training, Tenero, 17/18 June 2008

Löw to learn fate on Wednesday

arriving for Tenero press conference, 17 June 2008Germany must raise the bar against Portugal: Löw

"The game against the Croats threw the team a bit off course.
Against Austria, somethings went well, somethings didn't.
The team are still not fluid and are playing with some restraint.
The match with Portugal will be a big test and a genuine challenge."

Löw Calls for Big Improvement Against Portugal

"But it's also clear to me that we have to make an enormous improvement for the quarter-finals.We are pleased that we showed today that we belong in the quarter-finals even if we haven't played as convincingly as we would have liked to.I am sure, though, that the team will now get the lift we need, and that we can play competitively against Portugal."
"(Portugal) are technically very strong, both as individuals and as a team.They want to score goals. They are definitely one of the favourites but we both want to advance."
Frings suffers fractured ribs, doubtful for Portugal
"Since Torsten is such an important player for our team, our medical staff will exhaust all possibilities to get him fit for the Portugal game," said Löw on the German Football Federation (DFB) website.
"He will be treated intensively in the coming hours. The decision about whether he plays against Portugal will only come on Thursday."
"I think chances are 50-50. I expect a match where both teams will try to play offensive combination football. But that time, we will manage better than we did against Croatia or yesterday. Currently, (striker) Lukas Podolski has got problems with his calve. It is so bad that he cannot train and it might become a problem as far as the match (against Portugal) is concerned", Löw said. from itnsource.com
A clip from the press conference can be seen on youtube.

Joachim Löw: "Wir sind diesmal nicht der Favorit" - interviewed on the dfb.de website, Jogi talks about his touchline troubles in the Austrian game, Portugal and Cristiano Ronaldo - 17 June 2008

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