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Croke Park, Dublin
Euro 2008 Qualifier

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Löw looks to challenge ahead - 15 October 2007
"Now we can start making plans," said Löw, whose team reached their objective with a national-record 237 days to spare. "It is good to have avoided any drama. It can be stressful if you have to wait to the end to qualify."
"Maybe we'll have a glass of wine in the hotel," Löw said.
"We may have lacked a bit of substance but our fighting spirit was good. We couldn't compensate for the number of absentees simply by changing our tactics," he said. "But once you're intelligent enough as a team to realise this, you just play in a way to get the result you need."

Match reports - 13/14 October 2007
Löw happy as Dublin draw sees Germany into Euro 2008
"We are pleased to secure qualification and the team deserves praise," said Germany's head coach Löw.
"We worked hard and showed a good attitude to come away with the draw. We have done well so far, but we aren't amongst the best sides in Europe yet, we will have to work hard to achieve our goal of winning Euro 2008."
Löw's delight as Germany prepare for Euro 2008 party
"We set ourselves some high goals after last year's World Cup and the team have never waivered from our objectives," said Löw.
"Again and again, the team have proved their motivation and the self-confidence is growing, the team have adopted their own attacking philosphy."
"For us, the matter is now closed, the team did well against Ireland," said Löw."We beat the Irish in the first qualifying game last September and now we have qualified with the result in Dublin.Full compliments to the team, we have qualified early with a large amount of points and a superb goal difference."
Germany relax after booking place in finals
"It's good for the team that the pressure is now off and it won't be nerve-racking right up to the final match, as was the case often enough in the past,' coach Joachim Löw was quoted as saying on the German federation's website on Sunday.
"After the World Cup, we managed to stay focussed and set new goals for ourselves," said Löw. "The players never let up, kept their motivation and self-confidence levels high. The players have also incorporated our system more and more."
However, Löw cautioned: "I don't think we've yet shown we are among the absolutely best teams in Europe."
"The competition on the team has become intense," Löw said. "We've got competition for every position. The biggest danger is if anyone thinks they can let up now that we've qualified."
Joachim Löw: "Haben auf allen Positionen einen Wettbewerb"
The full post-match interview on the website. Jogi also talks of the team having gone full circle from their first qualifying win against Ireland to now qualifying, with a good points tally and a great goal difference. He speaks of making plans now the team have qualified, and, when asked about Jens Lehmann's second yellow card, speaks of his otherwise 'impeccable' performance.

Match highlights from youtube

Not particularly impressed with the football on show, the Daily Mail declared their "Sight of the night":
"German boss Joachim Loew (looking) like he would be equally at home on the catwalks of Berlin with his grey lambswool scarf in the absence of a tie.
Very fetching."

Training, Berlin, 11 October 2007

Training, Croke Park, Dublin, 12 October 2007

Löw to keep faith with Lehmann - 12 October 2011

Germany and Croatia hoping to book ticket for finals

Germany will be guaranteed a place at the finals with a draw - with three games remaining.Germany coach Joachim Loew however warned that this doesn't mean the match at Croke Park will in fact be a walk in the park, calling for a big effort from his players.
"We will not tolerate anyone saying that we are eight points ahead of Ireland and will somehow make it," the coach said.
Germany close in on final's goal - match preview from
In addition, Löw regards his role as more than just a head coach. He recently criticised Bundesliga clubs for outdated coaching techniques and he wants to push German football in fresh directions. "Look at Barcelona, they always practise the seemingly simple stuff: low passes, precise passes, creating openings - simple but effective things," he said. "We can improve on this in Germany. We are not at the level many think we are."
German coach tells Lehmann: start for Arsenal or switch clubs
"Jens thinks that he will be playing again for Arsenal soon. He's confident about that, but if his situation does not change in due course we have to talk," said Löw. "What is due course? I think December. For the European Championships we need a goalkeeper with match practice."
Blow to Germany as three midfielders are out - 11 October 2007
Tim Borowski of Werder Bremen has a back injury, Bernd Schneider a knee injury and Roberto Hilbert of Stuttgart has a painful ankle, the team's general manager Oliver Bierhoff said yesterday.
Coach Joachim Löw will not call up replacements.

Training, Berlin, 10 October 2007

Press Conference, Frankfurt, 5 October 2007

More details from the press conference on the DFB website where Jogi talks of his desire to qualify for Euro 2008 as soon as possible and (rightly!) adds "Ich glaube, so früh hätte sich eine deutsche Auswahl noch nie qualifiziert."

Kiessling joins German contingent - Full squad details at - 5 October 2007

As well as the announcement of the squad for the next two games against Ireland and the Czech Republic, the Frankfurt press conference on 5 October 2007 also marked the publication of the DFB book 'Leidenschaft am Ball - 100 Jahre deutsche Länderspiele 1908-2008'.  Jogi poses with publisher Stefan Postler.

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