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Thursday, 12 June 2008

Wörthersee Stadium, Klagenfurt
Euro 2008, Group B

"A lot went wrong today. But we've got to talk about that and analyse everything."
Germany - Lukas Podolski 78'
Croatia - Darijo Srna 24', Ivica Olic 62'

Match Reports - 12/13 June 2008
Croatia snubs Germany 2-1 at Euro 2008
Complacent Germany gets comeuppance from Croatia, 2-1

"I don't think the Croats are a better team than us," Löw said. "But they are cleverer, they had more spirit, had good tactics, and closed us down in midfield. We didn't find a solution, and they deserved to win."
Bilic energises Croatia to leave Germans in need of recharging
"We did not execute what we had in mind. It was a weak team performance," Löw admitted. "Of course we are disappointed. We were not the same team that played against Poland. We never managed to step up the pace. We did not have the precision in our passes."
Löw eager to learn lessons of Klagenfurt
"In the last two or three years the team has always bounced back from setbacks," Löw told reporters after Germany slipped to second place in the group with defeat in Klagenfurt.
"We've proved we have character and the ability to bounce back. Now we've got to show that we're a team that can make things happen in such an important match as the next one."
Dark Clouds father over German Camp after Croat shock
A German journalist said he felt the squad had been arrogant in the preparations for the game, a notion Löw strongly refuted.
"I don't prescribe to that, pre-match training was intense and committed, the players were focused and motivated.I don't agree there was a visible arrogance, I am closest, so I should know.For any team to be arrogant after one win is fatal."
"All the players didn't meet expectations, with very few exceptions," Löw insisted."Every player will be taken aside and given a piece of my mind.We just didn't manage to turn the game around, even the players who came on slotted into the negative style."
Croatia beat Germany in 2-1 win
Match report from bbc.co.uk

Bundestrainer Löw: "Wir sind immer hinterhergelaufen" - a post match interview on dfb.de.
Joachim Löw hat seine ersten Fehler gemacht says welt.de


Match highlights from tv.dfb.de

Video footage from the press conference
13 June 2012

We Want To Dictate The Game - Löw - 12 June 2008
"It is true that over the past few months we have become more and more self-confident. We've proved that we've been able to implement what we've practised in matches.
We are confident going into the game, but Croatia are a good team with attack-minded players and we will face a tough challenge. We want to dictate our pace on the game - that will be our aim."
He added that he has not honestly considered where his side will finish in the group and simply wants to win each game as it comes. "It is logical tomorrow that we want to win, simply because both ourselves and Croatia have three points each.But so far, I haven't spent much time thinking about whether we will be first or second. We want the win because I think it will put us in the quarter-finals."

Confidence begins to flow for Germany - 11 June 2008

"It is true that over the past few months we have become more and more self confident. In a number of games, we have proved we are able to put into practice what we have worked on," said Löw.
"However, this is only the beginning of the tournament. Croatia are a very good team and we will be challenged. They have a number of very good players."

Ballack and Frings are at their best says Löw
"I think both Frings and Ballack are at their best," he said. "Frings certainly is the one who makes sure that Ballack can play.
He plays very sensibly, he keeps his eye on the ball while Ballack plays offensively more often than Frings.He (Ballack) closes the gaps when he needs to and he's the one who has got the feel for when he needs to step up to plate.
We will stick to a flat back four with four midfielders and Ballack can play offensively from the wings, also on the counter-attack and he is then able to fall back and play defensively thanks to his speed."
(On constantly learning, and Croatia)  "I can still learn from a number of people and each time I meet a colleague from another team, I try to take things home with me after talking with other coaches, such as Slaven Bilic (Croatia's coach).
It's important for me. He has proved as a young coach that he can take the team in the right direction.They had good results in qualifying, beating England and they not only have a strong team but also a strong coach."
"Croatia have a number of players in the Bundesliga, players who played together before or do now.They are a very experienced team with a strong defence in (Robert) Kovac and (Josip) Simunic.They have a lot of experienced forward players such as (Mladen) Petric, (Ivica) Olic and (Luka) Modric who can tip the scales.They have a strong forward line and dangerous players up front."
Too soon to say who will win Euro 2008, insists Löw
Löw attempts to put Holland back in their place - 10 June 2008
Germany coach Joachim Löw has brought Holland right back down to earth by telling them: "You're not Euro 2008 favourites yet".
"They played a good match but let's refrain from saying it's a yard stick that other teams must be measured by," he said.
"Other teams have won their first game, you know. Portugal played very well and we ourselves had a satisfactory start to the tournament. It's not even as if Holland dominated the game 100 per cent. Italy had several good chances and if they had equalised it might have been a different game."You won't hear Germany talking about being favourites after winning only one game. We know there are two more group games to go and it's early in the tournament."
Training, Tenero, 9/10 June 2008

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