The videos listed below are now sadly broken links on the website!. Any assistance with locating copies would be much appreciated!

I do not require any videos from as these remain on their site and can be linked to there. Also, and tend to leave their interviews up. The majority of those below are ZDF and Sportschau interviews which tend to disappear several months, or, worse still recently, mere weeks after they have been uploaded and thus are lost!

Click on the links, either on the match heading or individual video details should you wish to see a screencap from the video, or more details.

Many thanks to anyone who can help!!

Argentina, 3 March 2010
Pre-match interview with ZDF from 28 February 2010 - "Argentinien ein ernster Test"

Malta, 13 May 2010
Post-match interview with Sportschau, "Viele Chancen vergeben"

Hungary, 29 May 2010
Three pre-match clips, with interviews, from ZDF

World Cup 2010
Whilst I think I have the majority of WM 2010 clips, any press/TV interviews you know of that are not linked to on my World Cup match pages, would definitely be of interest!

Belgium, 3 September 2010
Post-match interview with ARD

Azerbaijan, 7 September 2010
Post-match interview with ARD

Turkey, 8 October 2010
Post match interview with ZDF, "Wir haben verdient gewonnen"

Sweden, 17 November 2010
Post match interview on ZDF - "DFB Elf:-Nullnummer in Schweden"

Uruguay, 29 May 2011
Pre-match interview with Sportschau (seemed to have been conducted in what looked like a hotel room)

Austria, 3 June 2011
Footage from Sportschau of the team arriving in Vienna

Last updated 23 July 2011