2011 - "Leben ist..."

Ist das Leben nicht seltsam?
10.000 Tage schlafen wir
9.000 Tage arbeiten wir
5.000 Tage warten wir
Aber was heißt das denn wirklich, Leben?
Leben ist….Urlaub am Meer,
oder in die Berge oder am See.
Skifahren ist natürlich auch nicht schlecht.
Oder vielleicht mal eine Biking-Tour?
Naja okay….
Aber am See ist eigentlich schon klasse….aber
am Meer, Strand und so, das ist natürlich schon klass….
…eigentlich noch besser…
Nee, eigentlich ist doch am besten am Meer, naja klar!
Leben ist….!
Sag mal läuft die Kamera eigentlich noch, oder sind die schon alle beim Essen?

A press release from Tui to highlight the concept behind "Leben Ist" from Touristik-Aktuell - 4 January 2011
"Im Urlaub mache ich keine Kompromisse" (On holiday, I do not make compromises) - an interview with Jogi on the latest advertisement. - 3 January 2011

Filming took place at the The Shore at Katathani, Phuket, Thailand, November 2010. - from

At the end of 2011 it was announced by horizont that "Leben Ist..." was officially the third most popular advert this year in Germany, ranked in terms of you tube hits - standing at over three million.

Sadly though, it would appear that this is to be the last of Jogi's spots for the travel company, as reported in horizont.netHowever, we can relive all of Jogi's Tui adverts on my youtube links, together with 'Making of' accompanying videos, all of which I have now uploaded to my youtube channel:

2008/2009 - First advert with Macarena Benites
Making of
2009/2010 - "Neuer Freund"
Making of

"When I first saw him I thought he was a German actor.." - Macarena Benites

Tuicom did confirm to me that, unfortunately, there is no Making Of video for "Leben Ist...".

I have also uploaded a page of Jogi Tui Advertisements seen in printed publications

See one of Jogi's other advertising campaigns featured on my Nivea pages!

Special thanks to Silke for the transcription and to Nada and Plam.

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