Tributes to Jogi, from the World of Music !

"You think that people would have had enough of Silly Lw Songs,
I look around me and I see it isn't so.."
  1. Jo! Gi! Die Hymne - Jogis Eleven

    June 2016

    'Jogi' moves into the world of rap.

    Available on iTunes

  2. Eventuell, vielleicht, bestimmt - Udo Alexander

    May 2016

    With quotes and footage of Jogi himself in the video

    "We will see, who will be the best"

  3. Allez Jogi - Deep Ohler

    April 2016

    Full marks to the Jogi impersonator from me. Really has his mannerisms spot on.

  4. Der Lw - Herbert Grnemeyer

    Nov 2014

    From the album Dauernd Jetzt

    Full lyrics

  5. La Ola fr Jogi - Chris Boettcher

    Feb 2014

  6. All You Need is Lw - Kollege Reiff

    Mar 2012

  7. Nachspielzeit - Jogi Song

    Mar 2012

  8. Fuballfieber - Jogis Lwen

    Mar 2012

    The Group's website

  9. Jogi Sei Gut - Canadyan

    Mar 2012

    The Band tell how the German team was a 'sinking ship' - until Jogi came along and put everything under control!

    Definite influences from Chuck Berry's Johnny B Goode!

  10. J-L schenk uns den Titel - Die Ahnungslosen

    10 February 2012 page

  11. Der Jogi Lw - Lomby

    19 June 2010

    A live performance uploaded to youtube page

  12. Gimme Hope, Joachim - Basta

    14 June 2010

    Best line: (roughly translated...)
    "Ronaldinho has the best technique
    Ronaldo's got a perfect physique
    David Beckham's got a foot of steel,
    But Jogi Lw has the best hairstyle"

    Lyrics on

    Indebted to - Eddy Grant, Gimme Hope Jo'anna, and more than a hint of South Park for the video. page

  13. Hgschde Disziplin (Jogi Jogi Joo) - Chris Boettcher

    4 June 2010 page

  14. Jogis Lwen - Andi Kanone

  15. 22 March 2010 page

  16. Wir Haben Ein Idol: Jogi Lw - Kolibris

    23 May 2008

    A live performance captured on youtube

    Lyrics on lyricsmania

    "Yes, we have an idol, Jogi Lw
    Who will take us to Vienna?, Jogi Lw
    Get to the final of the European Championship - Jogi Lw"

    Indebted to 'Michael Row the Boat Ashore' - an African-American spiritual song originating from the American Civil War page.

  17. Immer Wieder Jogi Lw - Marcus Becker

    A live performance on youtube page

  18. Wen schickten uns die Fuballgtter? - Libero5

    2 May 2008 page

Any others from 2014 eagerly sought!
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