Joachim Lw - An End of Year Quiz for 2014

The Quiz to Beat all the Others on the Man who Beat all the Others !!

It's that End-of-Year Time Again, so take a moment to re-live the amazing year of 2014 and see how much you remember !!

Most answers can be found with a little searching through my 2014 News Archive pages, but others require a little more thought!

  1. Name the five German players who have started as captain in 2014.
  2. Complete the often-quoted comment from Jogi in March 2014
    "*** *** *****, nur wer sie hrt, wird eine reelle Chance haben"
  3. A tournament year would not be complete without our favourite advertising campaign - Jogi and Nivea, of course.
    But where was the 2014 advert filmed?
  4. The friendly against Poland in May 2014 set a new German record for what?
  5. Back on the subject of sponsors, what was Jogi wearing when he got out of bed in the Bitburger advertisement?
  6. Taken at the DFB Pokal Final, which legs belong to a football coach and which legs belong to a Hollywood movie star.

  7. Jogi was a loser during his stay in Brazil. How come?
  8. The following are quotes made by Jogi about members of his World Cup squad. Can you name the player in each case?
    i)  "He's gone from being a young, talented player to being one of the indispensable members of the team"
    ii) "--- is reliability personified"
    iii)  "Even as a coach you don't know which way he will go sometimes."
    iv)  "--- has left an excellent impression in training and in the game itself." (after May 2014 draw against Poland)
    v)  "I am very positive. His spirit is still strong, and he's trying everything to get healthy for the World Cup."

  9. In an interview in Bunte, who did Jogi commend for his knowledge of football, after learning the superstar was tipping Germany to win the World Cup?
  10. Who in June did Jogi say he preferred to Madonna?
  11. What did Jogi brilliantly hang in the dressing-room for motivation before the France quarter-final?
  12. Complete the blanked-out headline (right):

  13. Back to the football -
    Brazil 1 - 7 Germany. How can we ever forget!
    But can you name the seven other countries Germany have scored 6 against with Joachim Lw as Bundestrainer.
  14. Don't think you are going to escape without some role-play fun!
    Do your best impression of a Brazilian supporter, 8 July 2014.
  15. What was LH2014?
  16. Scenes of mass hysteria and swooning in September 2014.

    But at an appearance by whom?
    a) One Direction, b) Justin Bieber or c) Joachim Lw ?

  17. Germany lost to Poland 0-1 in their October Euro 2016 qualifier. But who were the last country to inflict a qualifying defeat on them and in what year?
  18. Thomas Schneider took his place alongside Jogi to replace Hansi Flick as assistant trainer in October 2014. But who are the only other two people to have started a match sitting next to Joachim Lw in his career as Bundestrainer?
  19. In September 2014 how did Argentina get revenge over Germany for their World Cup Final defeat?
  20. Below are four pictures of Jogi with the World Cup (cheer!), when/where was each one taken, and which is the odd one out?

  21. A new feature! A crossword!
    This one you can print off and take with you!
    i)  Advanced level - Fit the 23 members of the German World Cup squad into the crossword below.
    ii)  Beginners level - Fit the German World Cup squad into the crossword below.  But here are the squad numbers as clues to help you
  22. Right-click on the crossword image above to save and edit in your own software or
    Download to print off in either .doc or .pdf format

  23. Who, in November 2014, described Jogi as "the perfect national coach" (other than me, of course).
  24. And fihally:

  25. Where were you when Jogi and Germany became World Champions in Rio?
    I was on the beach. Brighton that is, not the Copacabana!

    Answers have now been uploaded !!

  26. Last updated 1 January 2015

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