Joachim Lw - An End of Year Quiz for 2013

Back by popular demand !!

It's that End-of-Year Time Again - so sit down with a nice glass of Rioja, and see how much you remember about 2013 !!

If you are 'stuck', most answers can be found within one link of my 2013 News Archive pages.

Plenty here for not only just Jogi devotee, but football fans in general !

  1. Name two current English Premier League players who scored FOR Germany in 2013, and two who scored AGAINST Germany in 2013.
  2. Who was it revealed in January 2013 had secured Joachim Lw's vote for Ballon d'Or?
  3. "Then I set myself a goal. Okay. Ten steps. Try it again now. Ten steps. And then another ten. In between I stand almost asleep despite a pulse of 180, completely exhausted and wet with sweat." He was describing what in February 2013.
  4. Which lucky lady was revealed as having had a secret three-course lunch with Jogi and Oliver Bierhoff in March 2013.
  5. Jogi and Hansi were seen beating which two players at table football in the 2013 Bitburger Alkoholfrei advertisement.
  6. Jogi was tipped as a successor to which coach in an article in The Times, April 2013.
  7. The following quotes by Jogi refer to which internationals played during 2013.
    i.  "Overall in the first half, the whole defence was very erratic."
    ii.  "We expected an intense and aggressive game, which proved to be the case."
    iii.  "We showed great morale to bounce back from conceding just before half-time."
    iv.  "It's not like we want to do away with the classic number nine, but we want to be a bit more unpredictable."
  1. In June 2013, we were aware Jogi will be looking amazing in what designer's clothes, as the DFB announced a new sponsorship deal.
  2. Jogi's match against the United States in June 2013 meant a reunion with predecessor Jurgin Klinsmann. But on what occasion had they previously faced each other on the touchline?
  3. Jogi wore what coloured trousers for the first time on the touchline against Paraguay in August.
  4. What did Joachim Lw describe in September 2013 as 'incomprehensible'.
  5. The World Cup qualifier on the 10 September was Jogi's most "********" match as Bundestrainer. Fill in the missing word.

  6. Who did Jogi upset, and why, at the final whistle in the World Cup qualifier against Ireland?
  7. What eagerly-anticipated news delighted us on 18 October 2013?
  8. Who celebrated their 100th international on 19 November against England?
  9. Rush-hour commuters in London had the exciting sight of the German national team travelling on the underground on their way to train at Wembley. But from which station did they start their journey?
  10. i) For what reason was Joachim Lw accused of favouritism by Borussia Dortmund partisans in September 2013?
    ii) For what reason was Joachim Lw accused of favouritism by Borussia Dortmund partisans in November 2013?
  11. Jogi has the highest percentage win rate of any Bundestrainer. To the nearest percentage point, at the end of 2013, what is that percentage?
  12. The following are anagrams of players selected in 2013. Who are they?
    i. Nowhere Mistaken
    ii. Hip Hall Pimp
    iii. Never Bends
    iv. Whipped Chill Spoil
    v. Is OK. Or not?
    vi. Well-refined Moaner
And, finally,
  1. Who, when I had the pleasure of stopping him to say hello last month, was every bit as charming and lovely as I had always expected him to be!

Answers have now been uploaded!
(Though I am sure you know the answer to No 20. already!)

Last updated 31 December 2013