Joachim Lw - An End of Year Quiz for 2012

Back by popular demand !!

It's that End-of-Year Time Again - so sit down with a nice espresso, and pop in and try our Jogi Quiz !!

If you are 'stuck', some answers can be found within one link of my 2012 News Archive pages.  Others require a little more thought!

Get those brain cells ticking!

  1. Who was the first player to score against Germany in 2012?
  2. Jogi starred in a promotional 'beauty secrets' video for Nivea in early 2012. Name three things he keeps in his beauty bag.
  3. In February, Jogi was a guest interviewee on which children's TV show?
  4. To which player did Jogi send a happy birthday text message during a successful Champions League quarter-final?
  5. Which sports presenter spoke to Jogi as part of a comeback interview in April?
  6. Which side did Jogi face for the first time as Bundestrainer in May 2012?
  7. Name the four players left out when the Euro 2012 squad was reduced to 23.
  8. Jogi sent an admiring glance to a Commerzbank customer in an advert last summer. What did Jogi say?
  9. In a photoshoot for Welt, members of the German squad posed with a photograph of their hero. Who did Jogi chose?
  1. Jogi was involved in a controversial editing of his pre-match prank on a ball boy. But what was the score when it was edited into this Germany Group match live TV footage?
  2. Stand up. Pretend you are on the touchline at Euro 2012. And Germany score.
    Do your best Jogi dance.
  3. With their victory against Greece in the quarter-finals, Germany set a new world international football record. For what?
  4. Which magazine is 'Super Jogi' pictured on the front of (right)?
  5. Name the line-up that would have beaten Italy in the Euro 2012 semi-final.
  6. Where was Jogi photographed on holiday by the German tabloids in the first week of July 2012?
  7. In his brilliant 25 minute speech at the August DFB press conference, name three criticisms of the Euro campaign considered by Jogi to be 'tedious'.
  8. Why did Jogi treat the media to an impromptu modelling display in Dublin in September?
  9. Who was the last goalscorer for Germany in 2012?
  10. About what in October did Jogi say "I am shocked. I have never experienced anything like it."
  11. Which of his former clubs did Jogi visit in December 2012
  12. Jogi has now coached Germany in 89 internationals, but which stadium has he visited most as Bundestrainer?
  13. And finally:

  14. Why, when he is universally praised so highly throughout the rest of the world, not to mention constantly requested by fans as someone they would love in charge at their own club, do the German media not appreciate what a class act, both professionally and personally, they have in Joachim Lw, a man who projects not just their football world, but their whole country, in such a positive and admirable light?

Answers have now been uploaded!

Apart from No 22, that is, because I'm still seeking the answer to that one myself.....

Last updated 31 December 2012