Joachim Löw - An End of Year Quiz for 2011

It's Coffee Break Time !!

If you are 'stuck', all answers can be found within one link of my 2011 News Archive pages.

  1. What vehicle was Jogi photographed astride at a Fine Watch makers' exhibition in Geneva in January 2011?

  2. What did Jogi 'dust off' at a press conference in February?
  3. Who scored Germany's first goal in 2011?
  4. In February Jogi was filmed for a role in which TV drama, to be shown that summer?
  5. What news were we all celebrating on 15 March 2011?
  6. At a press conference before the match against Kazakhstan in March, Jogi had an accident with what?
  7. In March, Germany suffered their only loss of the year, to which country?
  8. In April, Jogi undertook one of his most in-depth personal interviews with Welt-am-Sonntag. When asked, what did he say he found to be an aphrodisiac?
  9. In May 2011, Jogi was at the 100th birthday celebrations of which famous brand?
  1. Jogi was looking good in a reproduction of whose famous jersey in June?
  2. Elton John dedicated one of his hits to a watching Jogi at his Freiburg concert in July. Which one was it?
  3. In August 2011, Germany beat which side for the first time in 18 years?
  4. Germany qualified for Euro 2012 with a victory against Austria in September. What was the scoreline?
  5. In October which sporting star did Jogi say had "eine großartige Leistung vollbracht" (done a great job) when sending his congratulations through the dfb website?
  6. What is the name of Christoph Bausenwein's book on Jogi, published in October 2011?
  7. The victory against Turkey marked what milestone for Jogi as trainer?
  8. At a press conference in October 2011, which iconic item was presented to the German Football Museum?
  9. The victory against Turkey marked what milestone for Jogi as trainer?
  10. Who was the last goalscorer for Germany in 2011?
  11. In December Jogi was a guest on das aktuelle Sportstudio. How many goals did he score on the "Torwandschießen" (goal wall)?
  12. Jogi's advertisement "Leben Ist..." was the third most watched German advert on youtube with over 3 million hits.
    But how well were you watching?
    - What does Jogi turn round and hand to 'himself' as he walks off his apartment balcony?
    - How far has Jogi's download progressed when we see the laptop screen?
    - When Jogi strips off (...pause to recover composure...) to dive into the pool and throws his t-shirt onto his sunlounger, what else is lying there?
    - Name three things in the cocktail Jogi is seen drinking at the end.
    No cheating !!
Answers have now been uploaded!

Last updated 1 January 2012