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2017 - "Erfolgsrezepte"

A marketing campaign with a difference for 2017 as Joachim Löw met up with German celebrity chef Tim Mälzer to publicise the offer for a free copy of their own joint cookbook "Erfolgsrezepte" (Recipes for Success).

From 8 May 2017, the book can be obtained by spending over 12 Euros on Nivea for Men products (again I would expect only available in Germany, although I am going to try my hardest to obtain a copy!)

I would love to hear from anyone who manages to get a copy of the book, and especially tries out any of the recipes!
Do let me know!

Joachim Löw und Tim Mälzer kochen im Duett - 27 April 2017
Welt.de reports the two having made fishcakes and a mushroom risotto, with gorgonzola and pears. Jogi however managed to burn the pears! "I have been cooking for two years" he said "It is nice to be able to enjoy something with your friends", though he did admit "I am better with the ball than with the cooking spoon." and added that Tim had to give him tactical instructions!

In this Nivea soundbite, Jogi explains the connection by saying Nivea is good for you on the outside, while the recipes in the cookbook do you good on the inside!

Joachim Löw und Tim Mälzer Zwei 'Männer am Herd'
Release from dpa

Quick demonstrations of some of the recipes can now be found on the Nivea for Men Deutschland youtube channel and I have created a playlist of them.

Joachim Löw speaks more about the part cookery now plays in his life in this interview with Gala Magazine- 4 May 2017

Essen und Trinken - für jeden Tag magazine, June 2017, had a special pull-out section featuring some recipes from Jogi and Tim

Jogi says his particular favourite is Spätzle in Käsesauce (Swabian noodles in cheese sauce) - because the dish reminds him of home!

Advance news of the upcoming meeting:

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