Jogi's Other Nivea Campaigns throughout the Years


2016 - "Allez Zusammen"

Jogi's TV-Spot for Euro 2016 has now been released with the message of "Allez Zusammen", and a distinctly French flavour.

With a purchase of Nivea Men products totalling over 12€, supporters can send off for their own special Germany team shirt. (Sadly, yet again, only available in Germany)

For more details, visit the Nivea website.

A close-up of the front of the shirt

Two further short Nivea clips featuring glimpses of Jogi:

Jogis EM-Edition: Hol dir unsere EM-Titel - May 2016
"Der Mann unter den Cremes" - April 2016

Expect the Unexpected says Nivea about the new campaign, as they talk about their long-standing relationship with "Pflege-Coach" Jogi!

Last updated 16 May 2016
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