Other Nivea Campaigns:
Jogi coacht die Männer (2009)
"Jogi's 11" (2010)
"Grosseinkauf" (2011)
"Der 12-Mann" (2012)
"Jogi's Joker für Rio" (2014)
"Allez Zusammen" (2016)
"Erfolgsrezepte" (2017)


2015 - "Erfolgsmomente"

Jogi's TV-Spot for 2015 debuted at the beginning of May 2015.
It focused on those 'Moments of Success' with Jogi's of course being Germany's triumph at last year's World Cup!

With a purchase of Nivea Men products totalling over 12€, fans could send off for their own special towel - showing the movement that created Mario Götze's winning goal. See more on the Nivea Men website. (Sadly only available in Germany)

Other advertisements, from earlier in 2015:

Active Clean Shampoo und die Active Clean Pflegedusche TV Spot

Taking inspiration it would appear from his sexy 'wet-look' at the World Cup, a new Nivea advertisement featuring Jogi was uploaded to the Nivea Deutschland youtube channel and subsequently appeared on German TV! - 1 April 2015

What appears to be a previously unseen video from Nivea has been uploaded to film editor Patrick Wilfert's Vimeo page (right) - 19 February 2015

Photographs, which seem to come from the same shoot, have also appeared on the website of photographer Frank Erpinar

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