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2014 - "Jogi's Joker für Rio"

Jogi's new TV-Spot for the 2014 World Cup debuted on German TV on 12 May 2014:

Can you be "Jogi's Joker für Rio" who motivates the team on to victory?

"Ihr seid mehr als nur Fans. Ihr seid die Kraft, die uns antreibt.
Ihr seid da, wenn's drauf ankommt. Ihr seid das "Glück" in "Glückstreffer".
Ihr seid mein Joker für Rio.

With a purchase of Nivea Men products totalling over 12€, fans could obtain their own 'Jogi's Joker' official German Trikot. See details on Nivea Men Products at retailers (sadly, only in Germany!!)
A "Making Of" video is also available:

A thrilling new innovation from Nivea this year is the "Jogis Joker WM App"!
Download via the Nivea site.

A wonderfully amusing new video was uploaded to Nivea Men Deutschland's Youtube channel during the World Cup, 9 July 2014, with 'Care Coach' Jogi is on hand to speak to shoppers, but watch out for the secret camera!

If only all our trips to the pharmacy could be as exciting!

"Wir haben gekämpft, wir haben alles gegeben, wir sind Weltmeister! Sensationell! NIVEA MEN gratuliert und feiert Jogi Löw und seine Joker für Rio."

Nivea Men celebrates the triumphant World Cup victory!

July 2014

Jogi's new Nivea Campaign for the 2014 World Cup was launched 22 April 2014.

A competition to win a personal telephone call from Jogi was run on the Nivea Men website in the days leading up to the naming of his provisional World Cup squad.

"Willst du nicht rangehen?"  If only!!

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