Other Nivea Campaigns:
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2012 - "Der 12-Mann"

Jogi's new 2012 advertisement for Nivea for Men debuted on German TV on 30 April and can be seen below:

Jogi asks the question what YOU would do - as '12th Man' - to help spur Germany on to victory!

Anyone spending over 11 € on Niveaformen products, could, with a receipt, claim their own DFB Trikot.

Jogi also asked for photos or videos of 'your' particular pre-match ritual to be sent through in his 'Du Bist der 12-Mann' competition!

And I am delighted to announce that I was one of the 25 lucky winners!

Entrants had to tell their particular way of showing support for the German team.

My way of showing my support? Carrying my mini-Jogi everywhere with me, of course!
(see left, screengrabbed from the Nivea site)!

Nivea subsequently made a photomontage of all the entries - Can you spot mini-Jogi?
Answer at bottom of this page! *

A 'Making Of' Video can also be seen on youtube.

There was also a Facebook page linked to the campaign where you could click to 'Like' Jogi!!