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Jogi coacht die Männer (2009)
"Jogi's 11" (2010)
"Der 12-Mann" (2012)
"Jogi's Joker für Rio" (2014)
"Erfolgsmomente" (2015)
"Allez Zusammen" (2016)
"Erfolgsrezepte" (2017)


2011 - "Grosseinkauf"

Joachim Löw's Nivea advertising campaign for 2011 was entitled "Grosseinkauf" (shopping spree) and was first seen on German TV on 30 April 2011.

There is also a 'Making Of' video also available which can be seen on my you tube channel.

In 'Grosseinkauf' Jogi is seen purchasing toiletries for the team before getting on the Nationalmannschaft bus.  Also starring in the ad is MTV Home presenter Palina Rojinski.  As with the previous campaigns the video is directed by Detlev Buck.

Any customer spending over 11 € on Niveaformen products, could, with a receipt, get a free official DFB bag through Nivea throughout the summer.

The advert is featured on media website Horizont.net
An article about the new video on Medienhandbuch-sport- 29 April 2011

An interview with Detlev Buck in which he talks about filming with Jogi - 15 April 2011

Visitors to the Nivea website were invited to go on Jogi's memory game
and remember what he had packed in his Tasche!

A Jogi's 11 Tasche spotted on the London Eye!

More photographs, courtesy of the Nivea Pressecenter, May 2011

In three interviews, taken on set during filming of the campaign in December 2010, Jogi talks of the Awards received by him and the team in 2010, Qatar's hosting of the 2022 World Cup, and his Christmas Plans
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

- 16/17 December 2010

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