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2010 - "Jogi's 11"

Jogi talks of the Nivea/Plan International Project
11 May 2010

Children from Plan's Rwandan project meet Jogi
during the 2010 World Cup
25 June 2010

Nivea and Plan International have launched a global, long-term partnership with the main goal of giving socially disadvantaged children and youth a better future through education.
Project implementation at the local level has already begun in several countries. Beiersdorf South Africa and Plan are currently launching a long-term project in Rwanda. The project, which is scheduled to begin during the 2010 World Cup, calls for the construction of an athletic field at the Ruhuha Primary School in northwestern Rwanda, among other activities. Soccer balls and jerseys for the students will also be provided and workshops will be conducted.
The project is part of a series of education measures for children and youth in the surrounding communities. German national team coach and Nivea for Men care coach Joachim Löw will sponsor the project for the first year. Thereafter, the project will be supported by Beiersdorf South Africa. from Plan International - 11 May 2010
A Beiersdorf Press release

Jogi Visits Beiersdorf
22 April 2010

Press release from Beiersdorf.de - 20 April 2010

Four further advertisement spots:
Aufstellung | Körperpflege | Höchstleistung | Neuentdeckung

Jogi looks forward to the 2010 World Cup
and talks of his morning routine
(2:34) - 15 April 2010

The Making of the TV Spot 'Jogi's 11'

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