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22 June 2012

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He is under pressure, he is an CEO. He has to deliver the best - always. His team is always one of the favourites. But there no guarantees for success in soccer. You need fortune. But Joachim Löw has done it right until now.

He made the German football attractive again. This was the best what could happen to the German sport. He formed a young multi cultural team. They are well educated, have responsibility, tolerance and integration.

They have grown into a trademark - the Deutsche Nationalmannschaft. The team is the star. They appear together in commercials. This is the perfect marketing strategy, created by the former player Oliver Bierhoff. They earn about €35 millions a year and sell fan articles about €250 millions a year. Jogi Löw discovered the economic potentials of football!

It is important for Löw to give clear values to the players. The management of Löw demands conscientiousness.

Jogi Löw delivers to us a perfect example of teambuilding. Philipp Lahm says: "It is a fairy tale that in a team there are 11 friends. There are very hard competition fights!" But under Löw's leadership they found together and become a team.

Löw thinks and works systematically! We call it the 'Jogi Prinzip'. This is modern management. And he is the CEO of the DFB. For this he should come into the Hall of Fame!

Already as the deputy of Jürgen Klinsmann he was the strategic thinker. Now the Nationalmannschaft is a sports science center. Joachim Löw has become a brilliant change manager. His strategy is great thinking!Every opponent needs another strategy. And also very important ist the communication.

Success should be possible through the beautiful football which is loved by the audience!

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