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Last updated 31 July 2018

Joachim Löw and the German management team have met up at DFB Headquarters to discuss their World Cup campaign.

See comments from Jogi in my Recent News section below.

Also below you can find the full statement confirming he will continue as Bundestrainer.

The international calender resumes in September with a Nations League Group match against new World champions France.

Germany's World Cup campaign was not one to celebrate, but it would be a terrible shame to miss out on my match pages, proving that the challenge of recording a defeat can be just as absorbing as a victory.

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Recent News

Mesut Ozil quits international football

On Sunday, 22 July 2018, a statement appeared on social media from Mesut Özil announcing that he had decided not to play for Germany again, citing the lack of support he felt from the DFB, with specific reference to Reinhardt Grindel, the racism and prejudice he has experienced within Germany and a lack of respect from the media and others within Germany.

Löw not told of Ozil's Germany retirement before announcement
Germany manager Joachim Low was not aware of Mesut Ozil's international retirement prior to the Arsenal midfielder's announcement.
In the final of three statements posted on Twitter, Ozil claimed that he was retiring from Germany duty due to "racism and disrespect" following their World Cup group stage exit in Russia.
However, Low, still Germany's manager despite their humiliating summer, was not informed of Ozil's decision prior to his tweets.
"Neither the national coach nor I were informed in advance," Low's advisor Harun Arslan said.

Thank you, Mesut. It has been a pleasure to watch you in a German shirt and will be a pleasure to continue to watch you. It's Germany's loss.
I wish you every success in your adoptive city of London and I am sure I shall be watching you perform with your usual class at the Emirates soon!
You have been treated appallingly by certain segments within the German nation - as I myself witnessed in 2012 - and the lack of support from the DFB in condemning this has been shameful.
Speaking of abuse takes courage and I have the utmost respect for you on speaking out.
There are NO EXCUSES for racism and prejudice.

Hier kommt Jogi zur WM-Analyse - 18 July 2018
The German management team met up for the first time since their early World Cup exit, and Jogi was pictured going into the DFB Headquarters in Frankfurt.

Two days later he spoke to the media, and an interview appeared on The interview is reproduced in full below: Mr. Löw, how was your meeting with the members of the DFB chair?

Joachim Löw: I found the discussion very constructive and helpful. It is also very important to ascertain the perspective of the chairmanship. I think we have managed to convey that we have approached the ongoing analysis very thoroughly, openly, seriously and self-critically. Our comprehensive review includes a view of the entire World Cup tournament and these findings are crucial to formulating a plan for the future. It's great for us as the coaching team, that the chairmanship shares this approach, supports our path and continues to stand behind us. What's the plan for the future?

Löw: It was initially important for me not to react out of disappointment and instinctive emotion. In such situations you have to keep cool and regard the situation from a slight distance. The same goes for the players. I have stayed in contact with many of they, although I know they're very busy and have a lot on their plate. I advised a lot of them to get away from it all first. They are slowly but surely coming back from their holidays and beginning to prepare for the coming season with their clubs. I will keep talking to them and keep up our relationship, which is built on mutual respect. We will come up with concrete plans before the start of the new international calendar. What were the most important findings from your World Cup analysis?

Löw: There are so many different aspects and we have a horde of details to continue analysing in the coming weeks. Two particularly important points lie in playing attitude and mindset. We need to rekindle the sense of joy, fun and passion linked to playing for Germany, on and off the pitch. It is of course my role to cultivate this devotion, this emotion and pride once again. We have to incorporate this attitude into our style of play, coupled with the current trends in world football. What are your plans for the next two internationals in September?

Löw: Of course we want to exhibit how we've changed and produce a very different display to our efforts in Russia.

Jogi also spoke to the media about recent comments by former captain Philipp Lahm.

Jogi Löw not amused by Philipp Lahm's leadership advice

I have heard it, obviously. I don't think its style and manner are so correct. We are fully aware how we have to communicate with young players and what leadership style we need.
We have always done this outstandingly in our own way, which has also led us to many successes. For that reason, I was not very pleased with [the advice] in this case.
At present, Löw is preparing to make difficult decisions about the future of the German national team. He told the players, "that it is important for them to go on vacation, have peace and some distance and also to reflect." Löw now intends to have discussions with the players."Then we will also make decisions in terms of personnel," he said, indicating that cuts may be coming soon.

Löw verkündet bald, welche WM-Versager aus DFB-Team fliegen
More will be known on 29 August, when Jogi annuonces his team for the September internationals.

With thanks to Silke, Susanne, Lucille, Raheleh and Persephone


Following several days of speculation, it has been confirmed today that Joachim Löw has decided to continue in charge of the German national team! - 3 July 2018

Here is his official statement, courtesy of the DFB website:

"I am very grateful for the faith that the DFB continue to place in me. Despite the justified criticism following our exit, I still feel a lot of support. It was important for me to speak to the DFB heads personally after taking a few days to think things over. I still feel a huge sense of disappointment, but I am fully committed to leading us through this rebuilding phase. I will do analysis together with my team, hold talks and draw the necessary conclusions ready for the new season. It will take time, but it will be complete before the new international campaign begins in September."
There were also statements on the DFB website from President Reinhard Grindel and general manager Oliver Bierhoff.

The news was not however first broken by the DFB, but appeared in Bild earlier in the morning, followed by reports on German media until the official statement appeared on the DFB website at 14.00 hours.

The amazing journey continues! Here's to all that is to come!

Six years ago to the day I touched down at Hamburg Airport to an avalanche of nightmare headlines from a German media who left us all in no doubt who they felt should take the blame for Germany's Euro 2012 exit. - 1 July 2018

The last few days have therefore come as both a pleasant shock and a considerable surprise that this time they have not gone with the single "Sündenbock" approach. Obviously the World Cup victory, and not least the lack of an obvious successor, have certainly helped, but the realisation that Germany's disastrous World Cup was a multi-faceted and collective failure, and not solely the responsibility of the Bundestrainer, makes a refreshing and satisfying contrast to all I witnessed in 2012.

With the DFB leaving us in no doubt they wish him to continue, Jogi was pictured in his native Freburg, driving through the city, sharing an espresso break with friends and mulling his future.

Fans and Germany stars say Loew should remain head coach - 1 July 2018

Es braucht mehr als ein Ja-Wort

In Freiburg sammelt er jetzt neue Kräfte - 29 June 2018

As Jogi retreated home to his thoughts and a decision on his future, names within German football, past and present, came out to express their desire that he continue:
Rudi VÖller hofft, dass Löw als Bundestrainer weitermacht
New Bayern boss Niko Kovac "I still see Jogi Löw as the right man to make the transition from the old to the younger generation. He proved it in 2010 when he included the likes of Neuer, Boateng, Özil, Müller etc and again last year with the young, energetic team that won the Confed Cup"
Darum muss Bundestrainer Joachim Löw bleiben by Lukas Podolski

Jogi hat unser Lebenbesser gemacht - 29 June 2018
"I am not forgetting that Jogi Löw has made my life, and the lives of millions, better. Gratitude in triumph is easy, gratitude in the bitterest times is what makes the difference." says Julian Reichelt in this brilliant Bild editorial.
Ein Plädoyer für Bundestrainer Joachim Löw - why the World Cup was a collective failure and not just down to the Bundestrainer.

Germany World Cup 2018 exit: Joachim Löw not alone in the crosshairs as a scarred nation searches for a scapegoat
"Still, having turned poor popular opinion prior to the 2014 tournament into adulation by the end, Low has shown the ability to both ignore external doubt and plot a clear path to success." says the Independent
If Joachim Loew is Ready, Let 'Jogi' Continue - an article from India

Ergebnis nach DFB-Telefonkonferenz: Löw ist der Richtige - confirmation of a unanimous vote of confidence from the DFB board. - 30 June 2018

The headlines and debate continued throughout the weekend:
Rücktritt von Jogi Löw? Ein Punkt ist dabei für Lothar Matthäus entscheidend - with a timeline of the past days' events.
Die einsame Entscheidung des Joachim Löw
Darum sollte Joachim Löw als Bundestrainer den Weg frei machen - a negative article calling for Jogi to leave, although the poll they are running at the time of my voting showed a majority wanting him to stay!

Löw-Vertrauter prophezeit Rücktritt des Bundestrainers - Focus however reveal information pointing towards a resignation

Arrival back in Frankfurt, 28 June 2018

WM-Krisengipfel im Flieger: Löw kriegt Zeit

Eliminated Germany need 'big changes', says Löw

"We've had this situation - when the team was knocked out of the European Championship in 2004 after the group stage," he said.
"After that, there were a lot of changes. Over 14 years we got better and better, we were the most consistent team in the world for the last 10 years and we were world champions.
"But now, with the exit and huge disappointment, we must reflect what the consequences will be and the right steps.
"We need changes, big changes. And about that, we must talk."
"It's too early to say. Of course, we talked about it. But there isn't a single reason or a single thing for why we failed," he said.
"There are more reasons, and it's my responsibility to analyse that. It was also my responsibility to get the team on a high level of football in these four weeks and that didn't work as well.
"Now we need a bit of time and a few conversations and then we will give answers."

Interviews on arrival back in Frankfurt - video from ZDF

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