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Jogi was at the 'The Best' Awards ceremony Monday night,
and photographs, together with various quotes, can be found below,
plus more news from what has been a very busy September.

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Recent News

For the first time (certainly as far as I am aware), Joachim Löw has given an interview on an English language podcast and this can be downloaded on the BBC World Service website, click on image on right. - 28 September 2018

Jogi speaks about the World Cup exit, Leroy Sané and whether he had thoughts of resigning in the summer.

Germany will come back again - Joachim Löw

"We are re-motivated," Low said. "We were four years at the top level, we won the World Cup in 2014 and the Confederations Cup in 2017. If you want to win the World Cup again, everything has to be perfect."We have to accept our results but we're looking forward. We know we have a good team of motivated players. We will come back again."It's always a challenge in Germany, everyone expects you to win a tournament. But we had a very good last 10 or 12 years. This time it was bad but we are sure we will be better in the future.
I have typed up a full transcript of the interview.

Euro 2024 Vote, Nyon, 27 September 2018

Germany have been awarded the Euro 2024 Championships, beating Turkey in a vote in Nyon today with Joachim Löw in attendance.

Quote from Jogi: "A tournament like this is extraordinary for a country and can be a huge motivation for young players. It's a good step for the coming years. Everyone at the association can now start planning."

Jogi speaks to CNN Turkey commending them on their video presentation and that they deserved everything "But we won".

At the event Jogi was asked again about Mesut Özil:

Germany's Joachim Löw unsure of reasons behind Mesut Ozil snub

"Mesut was not there, and thus we must accept it that he currently does not want to talk to us," Low told reporters at a UEFA meeting in Nyon on Thursday. "I don't know the reasons."
"I would have wished that a player with whom I worked with for such a long period would call me, even if it's only for a minute.
"Especially given it's Mesut, that's weird. And, sure, I am disappointed after working together for such a long time."

Löw: Turnier im eigenen Land ist das Größte - 23 September 2018
Earlier in the week Jogi spoke of the positives of having a tournament in your home country.

Jogi returned to Germany in time for the midweek Bundesliga fixtures and saw Freiburg defeat Schalke 1 - 0. - 25 September 2018

Freiburg grind out win to leave Schalke rock bottom

On Tuesday evening, 25 September 2018, a story emerged from behind Bild's paywall that while in London Joachim Löw and Oliver Bierhoff had attempted to visit Mesut Özil at Arsenal's Colney training ground, but were prevented from doing so.
Löw darf in London nicht mit Özil reden
However there was a later tweet from a London-based Arsenal correspondent that the claim was 'rubbish'. Subsequent reports from London seemed to back up the article from Bild being pure sensationalism (to put it politely). - 26 September 2018
Joachim Löw visits Arsenal but Germany coach fails to meet Mesut Özil
Arsenal's Unai Emery 'didn't block' Mesut Özil meeting Germany head coach Joachim Löw
Later in the evening the Sky Sports team got a categorical denial from Unai Emery himself:
Emery dismisses Özil-Löw rumours
Full marks, on this occasion, to the British media who quickly established the truth in the matter. This whole incident simply confirms how right Mesut is to speak of the German media's agenda against him, with Bild now stooping so low as to tell blatant lies about his coach in the Premier League in order to attempt to discredit the Arsenal star.
Mesut Özil cowardly and characterless to Joachim Löw? - my blog article on the hypocrisy shown by Bild in their article that followed.

'The Best' Awards Ceremony, Royal Festival Hall, London, 24 September 2018

Germany's Joachim Löw would consider Premier League job 'in two years'
Germany coach Joachim Low has said that he could be interested in a Premier League job after the Euro 2020.
The 2014 World Cup winner remained in his position as coach as the Nationalmannschaft looks to rebuild for the next major tournament. But speaking at the FIFA Best Awards in London on Monday night, Low said he could imagine leaving in 2020.
"The Premier League is always interesting, of course," the 58-year-old told reporters. "A very good league. We will see.
"I can't say right now what will be in two years. I am responsible for the Germany national team, and it brings a lot of fun and motivation for me."In two years, we will see."

Joachim Löw backs England for bright future after World Cup run
Germany's head coach Joachim Low believes England are on the right track for international honours in the next few years.
Speaking at the FIFA Football Conference in London, the 2014 World Cup-winning boss pointed out that England have a number of talented youngsters coming through the ranks.

"We know, for the last three or four years especially, the young English players are getting better and better," the 58-year-old said.
"They have really very good educations and the federation has changed its focus on the young players a little bit.
"When I speak to my youth-team coaches everyone says 'England Under-15, Under-17, Under-19, they have very strong players, they are really strong one on one, they are very fast'.
"So, I think the English team will be very good in the coming years. They have changed something for the better."
German Head Coach Low praises Russian national football squad's current progress
"I was really surprised and really glad that Russia was very good at the World Cup," Low said in an interview with TASS. "It was the host country and I know the coach very well."
"They played very well at the World Cup and it was good for the whole atmosphere in the country," the German football coach stated.
Describing Russian football team's Head Coach Stanislav Cherchesov, Low said: "He is a character - he was a player like that and he is a coach."
"He has a professional mentality. I think the [Russian national] team is playing with a lot of emotion and the fighting spirit - this is the character of the coach," Löw stated.
"I like him very much because I have a very nice experience with him, when I was a coach in [Tirol] Innsbruck and he was a player," the German head coach said. "He was injured very badly and he was 38 [years old] but he always said to me - 'at the beginning of the injury I am coming back because I am the best and I will play'."
"What was important, I think, is that Stani [Stanislav Cherchesov] suspended some world players two years before the World Cup and changed the team," Löw continued.
"Some players of Russia are very young at the moment," he said. "I think they will have a very good team for the future, because some years ago - in 2008 - Russia played very good."
"At the 2008 European Championship I was impressed with their style, tempo and speed they had," Low said. "I think that it [the Russian football] is going in that direction again."
On Leroy Sané:  "Of course we know that Sané has a good future ahead of him. He has outstanding speed, but can still grow as player. [He] came back with great motivation and I hope that he will do well for Germany next month and next year."

In the award categories, Jogi voted as follows:
Best player: 1 - Luka Modric, 2 - Kylian Mbappé, 3 - Eden Hazard
Best coach: 1 - Didier Deschamps, 2 - Zinedine Zidane, 3 - Stanislav Cherchesov

Joachim Löw and Oliver Bierhoff are interviewed on the FIFA TV youtube channel. Jogi says the World Cup failure is now behind him and that he loves events such as these as an opportunity to meet with his fellow coaches.

Interviewed in English, Jogi said he no longer wanted to talk about the matter of Mesut Özil and the Erdogan photograph, and again praised the Premier League, adding that managing the German team still brings him a lot of motivation and "we will see" what happens in two years' time.

FIFA Football Conference, Grosvenor House Hotel, London, 23 September 2018

In London for a couple of days, firstly to attend the FIFA Football Conference, Jogi was asked to stand and explain what was required to maintain consistency and whether anything had been done differently in Russia.

'We were missing the passion': Joachim Löw discusses Germany's failures at the World Cup

'After such a long time at the top,' Low said, 'we were missing the last percent, the fire, the passion, and this greed to win a title no matter what.'
'In the first game against Mexico we were caught on many counterattacks,' Low said. 'We had some players who were with us a long time who weren't in good form, and we did some things wrong.'
Nine members of the squad from the victorious tournament in Brazil in 2014 also made the trip to Russia, with some playing at their third World Cup.
'We have to see how we can integrate some new players in the next years,' Löw said, 'get some fresh blood into the team.'
On Bayern Munich:  "It's true that teams try to go into duels against Bayern but I can't speak of unsportsmanship. The foul of Bellarabi certainly was stupid but it happens against other teams too, not just Bayern"

Video footage of the question from FIFA's youtube channel

Jogi is pictured at the Bundesliga match between Hertha Berlin and Borussia Möchengladbach at the Olympiastadion, Berlin. The home side preserved their unbeaten start to the season with a 4-2 victory. - 22 September 2018

Match report from

Dreamball 2018, WECC Westhafen Event & Convention Center, Berlin, 19 September 2018

A short clip from the event

Six goals, including two from Mario Gomez, awaited Jogi as he paid his first visit to the Schwarzwald-Stadion this season and witnessed an exciting 3-3 draw between Freiburg and Stuttgart, 16 September 2018

Waldschmidt rescues point for ten-man Freiburg in six-goal thriller with Stuttgart

Joachim Löw was in attendance at Bundesliga Match Day 2 where he saw a convincing 3-0 win by visitors Bayern Munich, including goals from Leon Goretzka and Thomas Müller, 1 September 2018

Goretzka scores first Bayern goal in stroll against Stuttgart

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