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Ascona Training Camp

Part 2, 30 May - 3 June 2016

30 May 2016

A day of recuperation after the Slovakia friendly in Augsburg the day before, with the addition of one familiar face arriving from Augsburg!

There were also medical examinations and prognoses for those players carrying injuries, prior to the final squad deadline tomorrow.

Regeneration nach dem Slowakei-Spiel - from

31 May 2016

Final Squad Announcement, 31 May 2016

The four players from the provisional squad who will not be making the trip to Euro 2016 are Julian Brandt, Karim Bellarabi, Sebastian Rudy and Marco Reus.

The headlines were naturally Maroc Reus's omission, again through injury, after missing out on the 2014 World Cup.

Löw drops Bellarabi, Brandt, Rudy and Reus
Löw explained the reasons behind his decision at the press conference in Ascona. "We purposely took more players to this training camp because we had a few here with knocks. During the first week, I wanted there to be a battle for certain positions on the training pitch. My coaching team and I discussed the decision yesterday and the day before in detail. It was also important to have another talk with the medical staff. It's a very painful decision to make from a personal point of view. I know that the players are deeply disappointed. But on the other hand, they have to use this as a motivating factor for the coming years."
"In Marco Reus' case, the medical staff couldn't give us a clear prognosis," continued Löw. "Marco has serious fitness problems; he can only run in a straight line at the moment. The doctors are sceptical that he would be able to give his all in these demanding games at this demanding tournament in the coming weeks. It was a painful decision for both us and him and a real disappointment for everyone. A fit Marco Reus in good form would have been a huge asset for our team."
Löw thanked all four of the players who have now left the squad. "They performed well in training and gave everything they could. I hope that they can move past the disappointment. It's not a decision against those four players, but rather one in favour of the other 23."

Der Tag in Ascona

1 June 2016

The squad is now complete with the arrival of Champions League winner Toni Kroos.

No official training photographs today as the team took part in secret training sessions, but a 4 v 4 match was filmed by

Endlich komplett: Toni Kroos ist da - from

A look back at the first week of the training camp
2 June 2016

Not such great weather for training today!

The players and management team also had their official team photograph taken, a copy of which can be found on my Euro 2016 Index, link top left, and photographs taken today (above) during an interview with the DPA appeared in the media on 7 June as the squad departed for France. For the interviews themselves, see my Recent News section

Mannschaftsfoto und Medientag - from

3 June 2016

Two media interviews with Jogi were released today:

"Ja Deutschland kann Europameister werden Absolut" - from

Löw: Schweinsteiger ist einsatzfähig - from ZDF

Jogis Jungs singen für Geburtstagskind Götze

The squad sing 'Happy Birthday' to Mario Götze, on the last day of the training camp.

Video from Bild

As the German squad left their Ascona base to fly to Dortmund ahead of the friendly against Hungary, they posed for the traditional photograph with their hosts.

Das letzte Training in Ascona and Abfahrt Ascona und Ankunft Kaiserau

The squad flew to Dortmund that evening and made their way to Kaiserau in preparation for the friendly against Hungary the following evening.

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