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Olympiastadion, Berlin

"Overall, the mistakes added up. Everyone can obviously play better."

Gabriel Jesus 37'

Although Germany's unbeaten run came to an end in Berlin. Jogi was pictured relaxed and smiling throughout the evening and said the match was a learning experience for his team.

Die Mannschaft beaten by Brazil in Berlin
Gabriel Jesus goal gives visitors victory in Berlin

Jesus ends Löw's 22-game unbeaten run
Germany's unbeaten run comes to an end against Brazil in Berlin

"It just wasn't our day. As a result of the changes we made our link up play wasn't quite as sharp as it normally is. We found them very tough to break down when they didn't have the ball. Our body language wasn't always good enough to put up a fight against the dominance, the aura, safety and feeling of responsibility. We deserved to go behind, didn't put enough pressure on them going forward and then did not move the ball quickly enough."

"Of course, you never want to lose games like that, even when I say we have already put the result behind us. We lost, but I can still sleep easy at night. It is clear we have to work on three or four aspects quite hard. The 14-day training camp will be important for us so that we can iron out certain things."

Joachim Löw expects Germany to learn their lesson after losing to Brazil

"It was to be expected that Brazil would be highly motivated from the start.
"We made lots of changes, you could see that. We made too many silly mistakes that made it easy for Brazil.
"We had a few young players on the pitch today. They got some experience and will learn from this."
'It wasn't a good performance' - Löw laments unforced errors after Brazil loss
"It wasn't a good performance, everyone had problems. We made too many unforced errors and made Brazil stronger.
"These friendly games are good to try things, the result is not that decisive. The problem is that we made too many wrong passes."

He also offered re-assurance on Jerome Boateng's substitution "He had a knock on his Achilles tendon. Substituting him was precautionary and I don't think it's something serious."

On whether this could be considered Brazil's 'revenge' "If Brazilian souls have now been set free then that's absolutly okay. It was to be expected that they would go into the game more motivated, but perhaps also with a bit of fear of losing again. Therefore I hoped we would have started in a way that pushed them back a bit. But we did not make use of the space we got and we had too many players behind the ball."

Asked about his decision to play Kevin Trapp for the whole game, he replied "I said I would make the change at half time if the game allowed it. We had the feeling at half time that we should keep things as they were because there might be some uncertainty there. He did give the ball away with his feet a few times, but he was also left alone on a few occasions too. We normally have a bit more desire to play the ball out from the back."

In the post-match interview, Jogi was also asked whether he considered he now had a clear starting XI. He responding by saying "It should not be a case of just having one first XI. At a major tournament it's about making changes at the right time at that is a lot easier if players can be in an overall structure. Guys like Hummels, Özil, Müller and Khedira can direct others in difficult situations."

As to whether the last few games have been on the negative side, he replied "No I am not worried about that. Things like that do not concern me because I know how strong the team are. I know what we can do, how we can play and what type of mentality we have. So no I am not worried. In 2014 and 2010 we also lost in March and we were really poor against Chile. You can be sure of this: We will get better. In the second half there were a few positive things - we got forward better and got stuck in to more challenges. We wanted to turn the game, not lose and our body language was better. In the first half that wasn't good enough from some of them from my perspective.

Match analysis:
Germany's disheveled loss to Brazil leaves plenty of room for improvement
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Video of Post-match press conference

Post-match interview with ZDF

Starting Line-Up:
Kevin Trapp, Joshua Kimmich, Jerome Boateng (Niklas Süle), Antonio Rüdiger, Marvin Plattenhardt, Leon Goretzka (Julian Brandt), Toni Kroos, Ilkay Gündogan (Timo Werner), Leroy Sane (Lars Stindl), Mario Gomez (Sandro Wagner), Julian Draxler

Jerome Boateng captained his country in his hometown of Berlin.

Grindel möchte Löw binden - 27 March 2018
More praise for Jogi, this time from Reinhard Grindel, who wants to continue their working relationship beyond his contract end, and Matthias Sammer, who describes Jogi as having "a plan, charisma, composure and sovereignty".

Löw rules out Bayern Munich
Joachim Löw, who is travelling with the German national team to Russia in the beginning of June, told ZDF that he has no intention of succeeding Jupp Heynckes at Bayern Munich. Löw said that he has !other worries than Bayern! and is currently focused on defending the German national team's World Cup title this summer. It's kein Thema, i.e. "not a topic." Footage from ZDF

Jogi also speaks to ZDF on the World Cup, Manuel Neuer and the match against Brazil.

Joshua Kimmich: "I want to become a leader for Bayern Munich and Germany"
"Joshua is one of the greatest talents I have seen in the past decade. He's got that bite and hunger to push himself to the limit in every training session. He's going to have an amazing career." Jogi was quoted as saying.

Training, Olympiastadion, Berlin, 26 March 2018

Abschlusstraining in Berlin

Brazil go to Germany but talk of revenge must be saved for World Cup

Press Conference, Berin, 26 March 2017, with Jerome Boateng and Matthias Ginter

On the line-up for tomorrow Jogi revealed a few changes "Marc André ter Stegen will definitely be rested, he'd already had knee problems before so they definitely need a few days' rest. Depending on how the game unfolds, Kevin Trapp and Bernd Leno will play a half each. As for who else starts, we'll have to wait and see. Marvin Plattenhardt, Ilkay Gündogan and Leroy Sané will start, as I've already said, but whether Sami Khedira can play is doubtful - he's been having some muscle problems. He will participate in the final training session, but we won't be taking any risks. He will tell me honestly after the session whether he is able to play."

Joachim Löw opts for fringe players against Brazil

On Leroy Sané and Ilkay Gündogan: "Both have made excellent progress in Manchester - Ilkay hasn't had any major injuries since the start of the season and we all know him from the years before his injury as someone who always helped the team play nice football. Leroy Sané made the right decision in going to Manchester City - he can really show his quality in that team; he's an outstanding one-on-one player and I hope he can show this in tomorrow's game, show his unpredictability.

Joachim Löw ahead of Brazil clash: 'Germany can, must and will get better'

Asked by visiting Brazilian journalists how important that semifinal was to Germans, Löw responded: "I think it's more important in Brazil than here. Of course it was a big game for us, but it was a step on our route to the final. Concentrating on beating Brazil's arch rivals [Argentina] in the final was more important."
"Brazil have improved noticeably under their new coach, Tite, who has given them a new mentality. It's no secret that Brazil love to play attacking football but now they are more disciplined defensively as well," Löw said.
"In 2014, we didn't focus on a single superstar; ultimately, the team performance takes precedence over individual class."
"Friday night [against Spain] was a test at the very highest level. When you look at the statistics, both teams had incredibly high successful pass ratios which shows that it was a match between two technically strong teams - and we expect more of that tomorrow [against Brazil]," Löw said.
"We're glad to be able to play against such opposition because we can learn a lot. Germany can still get better. We must get better and we will get better."
Germany forgot about beating Brazil 7-1, says Joachim Löw
"The 7-1 plays a much bigger role for Brazil than for us," Low told a pre-match news conference.
"For us, the game was of course a great success, but it was just one step on our path to the title. Looking back, one day after the game we had already forgot about it.
"Our focus shifted towards the final and Brazil's arch-rivals Argentina. That was the most important goal.
"Of course, Brazil wants some kind of revenge and hope to rectify the loss to some extent, but that isn't possible. You cannot get the semi-final back."
On German philosophy: "That's been another development: If everything was still how it used to be, Brazil would win every World Cup - no other country has such a high volume of individual brilliance. In Germany we've always lived off our fight, commitment and our unwavering desire to win, and we still have that, but we have needed to develop in other areas. Today, Germany stands for creativity and a clearly attack-orientated footballing philosophy."

On Brazil and their individual brilliance: "You can't compare players one-to-one; every player has his own strengths and weaknesses. Every player in Brazil's team is outstanding on the ball, but we now have players that are equally good. I think Brazil have become a team again, a team in which everyone has their role, without a single superstar enjoying his own freedom. Even Coutinho and Neymar have integrated themselves into this team philosophy. In 2014 we had a fantastic team, without creating a superstar. Everyone was strong in their position and played to their strengths - generally, a good team performance is always to be held in higher regard than individual brilliance. If top players don't integrate in a team, it will be difficult for that team to win anything."

"Both games are of great significance - they're both tests against teams at the highest level, as we saw against Spain. When you analyse the game, you see that both teams had an unbelievably good pass-completion rate, which in itself tells us an awful lot. I think the same can be said for our next opponents as well: Brazil have transformed in recent years and are back to their old strengths. We are very pleased to get oppositions like this and can learn a lot from them."

"It's desirable that players also express criticism after good games. It's always about the details, which we have to improve if we want to be successful at the World Cup." - quote thanks to Mercedes-Benz & die Mannschaft

Löw plans for Leno and Trapp to start a half each - summary of the press conference from dfb.de

Before his arrival at the press conference, both players spoke about their coach. Jerome Boateng called Jogi's tenure as Bundestrainer "a real positive - the team has been very successful with him as the manager; we've kept on developing further under him. He's a very open person; we can speak to him about anything. We all trust him and he trusts us. He has done and continues to do a fantastic job."  Matthias Ginter added "Consistency in the coaching position is important. Everyone knows it in club football.To have an international head coach for 12 years is very good."

Löw für Nationalspieler eine "Vertrauensperson"
This article continues on that theme, with Jogi responding pleased, but modest as always, "My relationship with the players is very much centered on sports and performance." but added "I sometimes meet up with players between matches and try to stay in touch and give feedback when something out of the ordinary happens. There are players like Khedira, Hummels, Boateng, Özil or Kroos, who were at the 2010 World Cup. With these players I have worked along these lines for years. There is always the opportunity to talk about other things. I also do that with the players who are new to us. I talk about their hobbies and not only solely about sporting matters."

Training, Schenkendorffplatz, Berlin, 25 March 2018

Der Sonntag in Berlin - video from tv.dfb.de

Injured Can heads back to Liverpool as Löw makes changes for Brazil match - 24 March 2018

Müller and Özil set to miss Brazil friendly
Mesut Özil, along with Thomas Müller, will not travel to Berlin.

In his post-match interview following the Spain friendly, Joachim Löw said he intended to play Marvin Plattenhardt in Berlin. "I think that Ilkay Gündogan will play from the start, Leroy Sané too. I will definitely make three changes."

Full details and quotes on the squad selected for the March international break can be found on my Spain match page

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