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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Kazan Arena, Kazan
Confederations Cup 2017, Group B

"The team showed some great resistance and put up a solid fight with a healthy dose of physicality.

Germany - Lars Stindl 41'
Chile - Alexis Sanchez 6'

In what was always going to be their toughest group encounter, Germany fought back against an experienced Chilean team to earn a draw, leaving both teams tied at the top of Group B.

Germany close to semis after 1-1 Chile draw
Germany's second string earn draw vs. Chile that bodes well for World Cup

Germany, Chile play out entertaining stalemate
Germany and Chile share the spoils in Kazan - minute-by-minute report

Alexis Sanchez is Chile's record scorer after opener in draw with Germany
Germany 1 Chile 1: Stindl denies record-breaker Sanchez

"It was a high-quality game, particularly from a tactical point of view. We did our job well defensively. I ask for the boys to take some risks in the way they built up the play, but the opening goal was obviously avoidable. Chile didn't have all that many chances across the whole game though."

"We spent a long time analysing Chile. They have an incredible team with very strong individual players. The lads did very well against them and continued to courageously push forward. Getting a result against a side like Chile is by no means a given."

"I put Lars Stindl up front with good reason. We needed a player who can lay the ball off very well, and that's exactly what he did."

Germany's Löw pleased after Chile draw: 'We lived up to expectations'

"It was a very intense match, a match that was marked by strategical play and it was very demanding in that sense," Löw said.
"We lived up to expectations and we were very disciplined for the entire 90 minutes. The key was to have a well structured defence.
"Even though we conceded a goal we were able to come back and even though this is an inexperienced team, they still played at a high level.
"Our players were perhaps a bit nervous in the first 10 minutes and perhaps had some difficulties and we made a mistake for the goal and that's how they scored.
"But we recovered immediately and our goal was excellent, it was a model goal scored from a couple of passes.
"Chile have been consistently playing at a very high level over years so our defence was excellent."
Asked to comment on Lars Stindl, he replied "Lars showed how good he can be even after only one day of training in the Denmark game. He is a refined player with a fantastic reading of the game and he knows how to use space. He was so important for us and always looked to get forward with the ball. He's been very convincing for us so far. He is calm and self confident and shows no signs of nerves. Added to that he has a great personality and is a great footballer."

The match was the first time since 1995 that Germany had not made a substitution, Jogi explained why. "Because the team was working and I had been expecting to see a sense of resilience from the boys, including covering a lot of ground and investing a lot. I didn't have the feeling that any of the guys were exhausted and the organization showed that. Chile barely had any chances in the second half." - from dfb.de

In the post-match press conference he also praised the stadiums at both Sochi and Kazan.

Analysis and comment:
Gladbach star Lars Stindl riding high with Germany at Confederations Cup in Russia

Match highlights on FIFATV
Post-match press conference
Post-match interview on ARD

Starting Line-Up:
Marc-André ter Stegen, Matthias Ginter, Shkodran Mustafi, Nicholas Süle, Joshua Kimmich, Emre Can, Sebastian Rudy, Jonas Hector, Leon Goretzka, Julian Draxler, Lars Stindl

This was the first match in his career as Bundestrainer than Joachim Löw did not bring on any substitutes.

Pre-match show and interview on ARD

Jogi watches the other Group B match between Cameroon and Australia earlier in the day.
The match ended in a 1-1 draw. - 22 June 2017.

Joachim Löw: "Weil ich es so will" - 22 June 2017
In an interview with Zeit, Jogi discusses the politics of playing in Russia, how he has found the country (the people are friendly and well-read). and cleared up the myth that his players are not allowed to express their opinions to him.
Asked about Russia, he said that while it is a little too much to expect a football team to change the political situation in a country, he wanted his position and stand for openess, tolerance and diversity, and that he believed you can change things by being a role model. He also spoke of how the use of an app helps the players on and off the pitch.

Training, Kazan Arena, Kazan, 21 June 2017

Löws Pläne gegen Chile - 21 June 2017
An interview with ZDF

FIFA Press Conference, Kazan, 21 June 2016

In his introduction, Joachim Löw reiterated his comments after the Australia game and how pleased he had been with the team's performance, especially considering several players were in their first tournament match and the importance of obtaining the three points.

They have now had two days of break, Chile however will be, he thought it fair to say, an entirely different proposition. Australia played in a way that they could fathom, whereas Chile are one of the most unpredictable sides in the world with their extreme flexibilty. "Chile will be a completely different game. They are flexible like maybe no other side, very unpredictable. Almost every player is capable of scoring and wants to score goals. They are so flexible that, from time to time, you cannot tell which player is playing which position."

Ter Stegen starts in goal but Löw rules out big changes

"What I said is that I'll try to give every player a chance. It depends on the matches and the situation on the pitch," he told a news conference.
"I don't think it's only about winning and choosing players for the next game. It's about getting a structure in place. I want to have a certain flexibility and other players who are not playing need to gain experience.
"It doesn't make sense to make seven changes for Chile but three or four might change. Marc-Andre ter Stegen will be in goal; that's already been decided.
He added "The team needs a certain base frame. Hector, Kimmich, Mustafi and Draxler will start. It makes no sense to change seven or eight positions now, but three or four, that's possible."
"I'm not sure Chile are unfair in the way they play," he said. "They like to tackle and are very strong - Arturo Vidal is a case in point - but all their players are good in one-on-one [situations].
"I believe the team are prepared mentally, as well. What's most important is that we remain alert for 90 minutes. They get beyond the defensive line and there can be six or seven in the area. It's important to do the leg work and not let other people get away with the ball.
"Their first goal [against Cameroon], Vidal took a ball, it went to the wingers and suddenly the person who was further behind on the pitch was the one scoring the goal."

Löw is planning to pick an attacking side to face Chile. "We don't want to be dictated to by Chile. We must be resolute and look to go forward, otherwise we have no chance. Our young team needs to have the courage to attack," - from dfb.de

Jogi said that all his players were good in terms of one and one, recovering the ball fairly. He doesn't think his players have anything to be bashful of against Chile. They are perhaps not yet in the position where they can easily manage quick transition situatins, but it is not a case of being too tame and he stressed that although Chile have good players, Germany are courageous.

Jogi was also asked what it meant to him to be approachig his 100th win as an international coach. He said he had read it a couple of days ago (or perhaps it was on this website!!) Although statistics are not something he cares about too much, his 100th victory will be celebrated whenever it happens and of course it is better to celebrate 100 victories than 100 defeats!

He was also asked by a Brazilian journalist about the difference between his current Confed Cup squad and the World Cup winning side. Jogi said that it was far too early to draw a final conclusion this early. He spoke about his 2010 World Cup squad, Müller, Özil, Kroos, who were also an inexperienced side and had to start from the same point and had to digest drawbacks and develop. After the Confed Cup he will analyse the situation, but stressed that even those players who were successful would have to prove themselves in the Bundesliga over the next year. "A lot can happen in a year and they still need to earn their places."

Interview mit Joachim Löw vor dem zweiten Gruppenspiel - 21 June 2017
From tv.dfb.de

Der erste Tag in Kasan

Löw wants improvement against 'top class' Copa America holders - 20 June 2017

Löw: "Chile will be at a different level"

"It is definitely a good thing that not everything went well. Now we know what we need to work on. The Chile game will be at a different level. Chile are incredibly versatile and play a very intense game, so we need to see if we can maintain our stability for the entire 90 minutes, not just 60."
Asked whether he thought Chile were pre-tournaments favourites, he replied "Chile are definitely one of the best teams in the world. They have fantastic individual quality and are very versatile tactically in a way that most teams are not. They can change things up easily during a match. The players know where to make the runs and have incredible power going forward. They are an absolute top-class team. - 20 June 2017

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