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World Cup 2014, Group G

"We dominated the game and deserved to win."
22 June 2014 - 26 June 2014

Thomas Müller 55'

Germany are "singing in the rain" as they win Group G and go through to the Round of Sixteen, and the World Cup finds its very own Mr Darcy!

Match reports:
Müller fires Germany to victory over USA
Germany beat USA 1-0 in Recife and are joined in last 16 by Americans
USA 0-1 Germany: Thomas Muller nets winner as both sides progress to last 16

Final Group G placings


Müller makes the difference for die Mannschaft - from goal.com with links to player ratings

Müller delivers again as Germany march on
Low Hails Thomas Muller

"We didn't let USA have a chance on our goal right up to the final whistle.
"Even during our preparations Thomas Muller was in great shape both physically and mentally. He's a very intelligent player and it's very difficult to defend against him. He makes everything look so easy and he's very valuable for us.
"Now we're in the Round of 16 and it's a different kind of situation. It's all or nothing and that brings with it a completely different dynamic and a different kind of tension."
Löw impressed with performance against USA
"We knew it would be a tough match and we were ready for it.
"The USA played very well in both their previous matches, although I was expecting them to show a little more initiative.
"USA dropped relatively deep and pulled everyone a long way back. We were clearly the dominant team and our organisation was very good.
"With the exception of the last minute, we stopped them creating chances throughout the match. We showed lots of authority. We always knew it would be a fight right to the end."
Löw: We can improve
"There is always something to tweak, always something we can improve."
Löw added: "We could have had two or three more goals if we had played with a bit more finishing concentration."
"Overall our midfield was very strong. We had the match under control and applied plenty of pressure. He battled away and was very good for as long as he still felt physically strong," said Löw.

(Bastian Schweinsteiger) "Considering his level of match fitness, he competed very, very well," he said. "He brought organisation to our midfield, which I thought was completely dominant with Toni Kroos and Philipp Lahm. We were very, very strong in the middle." from bundesliga.com

Germany are a work in progress, says relieved Joachim Löw
"The organisation and the aggressiveness was better than in previous matches.
"I would have liked the team to be a bit more active, even though [the United States] were defending very deep against us." Löw, who was seen flailing his arms and shouting angrily in stoppage time, said he was alarmed about carelessness in the closing stages when Germany missed a chance to double their lead and lost possession in midfield.
"We lost the ball at the end of the match unnecessarily and that's really dangerous - other teams take advantage of that," said Löw.
"We had actually set out to avoid that kind of thing," he said when asked what had upset him. "We could have had two or three more goals if we had played with a bit more finishing concentration."
"I think we were dominant in midfield," said Löw, sounding pleased that his team kept a clean sheet against the United States who had scored twice in each of their opening games two against Ghana and Portugal.
"We put a lot of pressure on them and didn't allow them to come through. We did not leave them many chances to score. Schweinsteiger left a good impression on me. He had energy, he had a good match."
Joachim Löw: "We did a lot of things well" - a post-match interview on dfb.de
Summing up the match and the group campaign as a whole, Jogi said "It wasn't an easy group. We were in a good position going into the last match but were still determined to win. We did a lot of things well, although obviously we have areas for improvement, our passing in the final third for example. But our organisation and our build-up play were a lot better again today."

The USA also made it to the knock-out stage over Portugal whose 4-0 defeat by Germany caused a far inferior goal difference!
I asked him [Jurgen Klinsmann] about the result from the other game because I didn't know it. He told me they were through, and I warmly congratulated him. That certainly wasn't easy and could never be taken for granted in this group. Nobody thought they could do it so it's another big step in USA's development. If you've beaten Ghana and drawn with Portugal you deserve to be in the last sixteen.

Joachim Löw shows just enough magic as Germany win ugly - comment from metro.co.uk

Scenes from the match and words from Jogi (not to mention a third change of clothing) on this ARD report.

No rain on Löw's parade - a look back on the game, after the tournament, from dfb.de

Joachim Löw gewinnt - das Spiel und "Wet-T-Shirt-Contest"
And putting the match itself to one side, Jogi's dripping wet clothes clinging to his body in the rain went down quite a storm on social media with many posters admiring his 'sexy' look, with suggestions ranging from him starring in a Take That video, a perfume advert or winning a wet T-shirt contest, not to mention the obvious comparisons with Colin Firth!

Joachim Löw: Große Wet-Look-Show bei Regenschlacht
One website even asked visitors to vote on which 'look' they preferred. The option "Jogi sieht doch immer gut aus" was naturally my selection!.
Löw's wet look all the rage on Twitter

He did however change to a fresh short-sleeved shirt at half time!

The excitement on the Internet over Jogi's Wet Look continued for several days, and numerous polls!

Jogi, du hast die Haare schön! from gala.de - 27 June 2014
Fans stehen auf Jogis Wet-Look! - 86% of fans prefer the slicked-back look announce Bild - 28 June 2014

And Jogi himself was asked his opinion by Bild-am-Sonntag (see my Algeria page)

Later that evening Germany learnt that their Round of Sixteen opponents would be Algeria, the north African team having held Russia to a draw in Group H.

Starting Line-up:
Manuel Neuer, Benedikt Höwedes, Per Mertesacker, Mats Hummels , Jerome Boateng, Philipp Lahm, Bastian Schweinsteiger (Mario Götze), Toni Kroos, Lukas Podolski (Miroslav Klose), Mesut Özil (Andre Schürrle), Thomas Müller

Jogi vs. Klinsi: Wer hat den besseren Look? - 26 June 2014
With the spotlight turned very brightly on the two coaches, it wasn't just their tactical prowess coming in for debate.

Training, Arena Pernambuco, Recife, 25 June 2014

FIFA Press Conference and Interviews, 25 June 2014

At today's press conference and in media interviews, Jogi spoke of there being no "Pakt oder Nichtangriffspakt" to draw the game against the USA, and dismissed the many references in the media to the Shame of Gijon.

Joachim Löw and Jurgen Klinsmann insist conspiracy theory is nonsense

"Nowadays, it [the Gijon game] does not mean anything to this squad," Löw said. "Most of the players had not even been born then. They would not have an opinion about that and they would never have watched it.
"It is difficult to understand nowadays. We do not know how it happened, but it is not a topic for Jurgen or myself. We do not discuss this any more. We go to the pitch to win, not for a draw. If you want a draw, it never works, the objective is to win the game."
"It is an interesting topic [for the media], but for me it is a game against another national team, just like another national team," Löw said. "And it is a decisive game.
"Jurgen and I worked together for many years, we trusted each other perfectly and we maintain this contact. We have lunch and dinner, talk about Germany, USA, football. We are friends and the friendship will not be affected by the result. We are both ambitious and many times we read in the media there is an agreement that we won't attack. No. When we go on the pitch, we want to win. We run the risk of playing an offensive game and our relationship will continue regardless of the result."
Germany & USA will both attack, vows Löw
"People who know us know that Jurgen and I are both ambitious. We read in the media that we won't attack each other but we will."
"Against Ghana we had a very good game with many good things but there were other things that didn't work out as well as we'd hoped," Löw admitted.
"In the last few days we talked about that, we talked about what we could change and what has to be improved. We are very prepared for this match and we are looking forward to it."
"We have to do well in physical terms," Löw said. "The USA have an aggression we saw in their first two games, they are well prepared and very fit.
"They have the advantage that their league doesn't last for 11 months and Jurgen already had his team in January. They have been working together since then."

Joachim Löw: "Entscheidend ist die Einstellung, nicht die Aufstellung" - summary of the press conference from dfb.de
Talking of the knock-out stage, Jogi said "Naturally we keep track of what is happening in other groups. But we want to move into the second round as group winners, that's important. If we want to reach the final, we have to beat every opponent. We therefore do not know start to anticipate and speculate who we want to go out [of the tournament]."

Löw - "Gegen die USA gibt es keine Freunde" - a transcript of an exclusive radio interview with ARD.

Interview and Preview of the game from ARD - as Jogi selects his choices!
Another preview and interview, this time from ZDF

Klinsmann ready for 'emotional' German clash

Löw irritiert über Debatte um Philipp Lahm - 25 June 2014
"Those who said after the Portugal game how well it worked with Philipp Lahm in midfield, are now debating, after a less successful game, whether he should return to the full-back position." said Jogi.

The squad left Campo Bahia Tuesday night, 24 June 2014, to fly to Recife.

No training photographs Tuesday as the session was held in secret, 24 June 2014, but there were these rather nice photographs of Jogi on the beach!

Training, Campo Bahia, 23 June 2014
as the practice this time is with a rugby ball!

"Das wäre grob unsportlich" - Löw und Klinsmann sprechen sich nicht ab

Jürgen Klinsmann vows USA won't be playing for a draw against Germany - 23 June 2014
After Portugal's dramatic last-minute equaliser against the USA meant that a draw in Wednesday's final match would see both Jürgen Klinsmann's side and Germany through, naturally the media question was whether there might be just be a plan hatched by the two former colleagues!

In an interview after the Ghana match, Joachim Löw spoke of his 'very good' relationship with Jürgen Klinsmann which will always remain, but that they had had no contact recently, as is usual before a tournament. - 21 June 2014

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