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The First Week in Brazil

8 - 14 June 2014

The squad arrive in Brazil, and travel to their base at Campo Bahia, Santo Andre, 8 June 2014.

Ankunft im Campo Bahia from and Sky Sports Deutschland

First training session in Brazil, Campo Bahia, 8 June 2014

Open Training, Campo Bahia, 9 June 2014

Löw: Die Dramatik steigt ins Unermessliche, a new interview with dpa -10 June 2014

Low: I'll pick the players who can adapt to Brazil

"Of course I know roughly who will play. But the final decisions I will make after training sessions by who adapts well to Brazil," Low told reporters.
"In Brazil, no one should expect that he can play all 90 minutes. Those who believe it are making a mistake.
"Under the conditions - the temperatures at 1pm local time - there will have to be a change in the game. There will be no team in this World Cup which will always use the same team."
And while he recently admitted that he thrives under the pressure that comes with coaching Germany, Low knows there is no magic formula to achieving success at a major tournament.
"In every tournament you know as a coach that in 90 or 120 minutes, it may be too late," he said.
When asked about the extreme public reactions towards a coach, he replied "If a football nation like Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Italy or Germany were eliminated in the first round, then it is clear that all of the criticism would be focused on the coach." but spoke of Germany having settled, with Spain, at the top of the world rankings "This gives me a good feeling".

He also answered questions on Bastian Schweinsteiger and Sami Khedira - both not at their maximum, will work with them closely over next few days, "extremely valuable to us and will be too at this tournament." He described Per Mertesacker as a "huge incredibly positive influence on other players."
On Brazil he spoke of 17, 18 players having to do their job. "In Brazil, no one should expect to play for 90 minutes. Those who believe that are making a mistake. Under these conditions, these temperatures at 13.00, there will have to be a change in their game."
Also discussed were his expectations for a joyful atmosphere in Brazil, and the incredible fan reaction in Germany.

So planen Löw & Co. bis zum WM-Start - 11 June 2014
The German team will train today at midday for the first time since arriving in Brazil.

FIFA-Fotoshooting und Training

Press Conference, Campo Bahia, Santo Andre, 12 June 2014

Substitutes will be key, says Germany coach Joachim Löw

"The second half will bring another stage of the match, that's when the substitutes can make a difference," Löw added. "At this World Cup it will be impossible to play an entire match with the 11 players who started."
"We have very good conditions in our camp here and we've adjusted somewhat to the heat and humidity. You have to adjust to these weather conditions but after three, four days you get used to it."
"At this World Cup, you will not only have to beat the rival, you will have to beat the kick-off times and the weather. All 23 players have to be ready at an instant's notice."
(Germany's practice pitches): [The grass is exactly 22 millimetres long and the ground is on a north-south direction.]"This is the length of grass in all World Cup stadiums, and they all face the same direction," Löw said. "We picked local grass because it grows a bit differently than in Europe, a little more sideways."
Germany coach Joachim Löw doesn't think Spain is past its prime
Löw told reporters at his first news conference since Germany's arrival in Brazil that Spain is "not past its prime.
Löw pointed out Thursday that Spain had two clubs in the Champions League final and one in the Europa League final and that it has won its last three tournaments - two European championships and one World Cup.
"Spain is still hungry to achieve the impossible" and has players who have been "playing at the highest level for a long time."
Löw: Lahm gegen Portugal im Mittelfeld - a summary of the press conference on
Jogi spoke of his complete satisfaction with the training camp and the accommodation lay-out. When it was suggested that the Brazilian fans in Salvador would be supporting Germany, he said they would be happy if the Brazilian fans were to support them.
He spoke of the team watching the opening match between Brazil and Croatia that evening and felt sure Brazil would win. He complemented the host side, and of the tournament "Everyone is happy that it finally starts."
He also sent a personal message to Marco Reus "The team misses you very much. We wish you the best."

Others points raised:
"Mesut Ozil makes good progress. He is a very important player for us."
Again when asked about his critics back home, he does not take much notice of what is being said, does not let it affect his concentration.
"There are always great games that are decided by set pieces." - spoke of practising intensely - from
On the Backline and defensive formation: - "We do not necessarily need offensive full-backs at this tournament." -

Verständnis für brasilianische Protestbewegung

Joachim Löw also spoke specifically about his first opponents and these comments can be found on my Portugal Match page

Footage from the press conference and a jogging Jogi - from ZDF

An interview with Jogi appeared in German magazine Bunte, 12 June 2014, in which he talks about the recent disclosure of his driving ban "i have never had an accident", title hopes, Immanuel Kant, players' families and who reminds him most of himself in the team.
The full interview can be read in my Magazine Articles Section

No photographs from training Friday, as it was behind closed doors, 13 June 2014

Training, Campo Bahia, 14 June 2014

An early morning run and scenes from training

Now the first week is over and the tournament begins. Follow Germany's journey starting with my Portugal match page

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