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Monday, 30 June 2014

Porto Alegre
World Cup 2014, Round of Sixteen

"It was a victory of will, our strength of will"

27 June 2014 - 30 June 2014

Germany - Andre Schürrle 92', Mesut Özil 120'
Algeria - Abdelmoumene Djabou 120+1'

Germany are through to a quarter-final clash with France, in Jogi's first ever journey into Extra-Time as Bundestrainer!

Match Reports:
Germany edge past Algeria in extra-time to book quarter-final clash with France
Germany deny heroic Algeria in extra-time
Andre Schurrle and Mesut Özil strike in extra-time to move into World Cup quarter-finals

Löw fumes at Germany's first-half display

"It was a victory achieved by our strength of will," he told ZDF. "But the first half was bad. During the second half and extra-time we were the better team and had the better chances. We should have decided it during the second half.
"We gave away an awful lot of passes. This was unusual. And we had problems in getting behind their defenders.
"We had to switch our line-up again as Mats Hummels was not fit to play. Per Mertesacker and Jerome Boateng have played together many times and they know each other - normally they are very good. But Algeria played these long balls very well, they are very good at that.
"In a match like this you have to see how it develops. We need players we can bring into that match and who can make the difference. Today we brought in Sami Khedira and Andre Schurrle and they provided us with a boost.

Löw says World Cup 'not a stroll in the park' after tight win

"It's not a stroll in the park in the World Cup," Löw told German TV. "There are always some matches like this in a tournament where you have teams that fight hard, where the opponents are defending really tough and playing aggressively."
"You need matches like this one at the World Cup. At some point you've got to expect a match will go into extra time."
Neuer had an extraordinary game: Germany coach Joachim Löw
"Neuer had an extraordinary game, he didn't just have to pull off a lot of saves, but he kept cutting out their long passes into his area and dealt well with them," said Löw.
"He came out a lot and had a great save right at the end when Algeria were desperate for a goal."

"Mustafi did a great job, but he's pulled a muscle and I don't think he will play a further role in this tournament," said Low. "Schweinsteiger just had cramps at the end, he was just empty after the 90 minutes, but he isn't injured." - from fifa.com

Löw: "We'll be well prepared" - a post-match interview on dfb.de
Asked about the team's performance Jogi said: "I'm not happy with our inability to convert chances, with our efficiency. We know we can play better than that, but when you play badly, you don't create any good opportunities. You can't play fantastically in every match. Today we weren't fantastic, but we won, and that's very important if you want to go far in this competition. Other teams like Brazil have also struggled and only managed to progress to the next round with their last penalty kick."
"Flexibility is one of our strengths. Today we used fresh players who helped the team, like Khedira and Schürrle."

Löw über Algerien-Spiel: "Mustafi hat seine Sache ordentlich gemacht" - an interview from spiegel.de

In a post-match interview, Jogi laughed when asked about Thomas Müller's slip during an abortive free kick. He said it had been planned, but not like that!

Germany still on course despite Algeria wobble
The problems with Germany are not tactical, but psychological

Löw und Co. nähren Zweifel an Titelreife
It was probably a source of amusement to those fans in other countries who had already exited the World Cup, that following a victory (repeat, victory), Jogi was getting more 'stick' in his native country than all those returned home combined, the "Selbsternannte Bundestrainers" crawling out of their dark holes like slugs on a wet morning, and leaving their trails of slime behind them. Naturally Focus led the way in dramatic effect with their 'Sad but True' news of Jogis Dickkopf, speaking of the suffering German football fans in such dramatic terms that I am sure those in England, Portugal, Spain and Italy are already extending their sympathies!

Starting Line-up:
Manuel Neuer, Benedikt Höwedes, Per Mertesacker, Jerome Boateng, Shkodran Mustafi (Sami Khedira), Philipp Lahm, Bastian Schweinsteiger (Christoph Kramer), Toni Kroos, Mario Götze (Andre Schürrle), Mesut Özil, Thomas Müller

It was announced by the dfb.de before kick-off that Mats Hummels will miss the match due to flu.

Löw: I will see out Germany contract - 30 June 2014

"I am convinced [I will] fulfil my contract until 2016," he said to reporters. "Both the [football] association and I want to continue our co-operation. This is our common goal."
"If you differ [from winning titles], you will be questioned and be criticised. But over the course of time I find it [the criticism] exaggerated and shameful," he added.
A new video on Nivea Men Deutschland Facebook Page - Jogi's rallying cry to the fans! - 30 June 2014

Training, Porto Alegre, 29 June 2014

Niersbach: Jobgarantie für Löw - 29 June 2014
Wolfgang Niersbach has confirmed Jogi will remain with Germany regardless of how far they now progress in the World Cup!

FIFA Press Conference, 29 June 2014

Germany preps for first World Cup knock-out test against Algeria

"Anyone who believes that he can underestimate an opponent in the Round of 16 is making a big mistake," Löw said. "Algeria deserves to be in the Round of 16 and is a difficult opponent."

Main points:
- Again dismissed talk of Gijon for the German team, although aware it is being talked about in Algeria
- Spoke of fanatical Algerian fans, bring incredible enthusiasm particularly as they have now reached knock-out stage for the first time
- Khedira and Schweinsteiger both able to play from the beginning, making a much better impression in training than a few weeks back, both very important, good if they can share role.
- not yet completed his thinking, will discuss possibilities and tactics after training tonight
- again spoke of strengths of Algerian side, power, compact in defense, strength in one-on-ones, strong French influence.
- Possibility of a quarter-final against France is not in their heads, anyone who underestimates opponents in second round making a huge mistake
- Prepare for Algeria by looking at their games and players. The names may not be familiar, but know their qualities. Urs Siegenthaler attended African Cup.
- no problems with the heat, have coped well.
- Strength of South and Central American teams has come as no surprise.
- Asked about a possible final against Brazil, Jogi said this could not happen (would have to meet Brazil in the semi-finals if both teams progress).
With thanks to spox.com

Mobile malfunction leaves Germany's Löw mute - 29 June 2014
A mobile phone malfunction means Germany coach Joachim Loew is hard to reach at the World Cup ahead of his team's last 16 clash against Algeria on Monday.
"I can't telephone or receive SMS messages, I have no idea where the problem lies," he admitted.
But with his full attention on Germany's bid to win a fourth World Cup title, Löw adopted a typically laid-back Brazilian attitude to the problem.
"There are worse things in life," he added.

Löw exklusiv!
An exclusive interview with Joachim Löw gave him a chance to answer some of those less-serious questions! 29 June 2014.
With the internet still buzzing over Jogi's 'wet-look' at the USA game last Thursday, it had to be that he would be asked what he thought of all the fuss! Laughing he said "Is that really so? Then I must tell you - I have my line-up for Algeria in mind, now I must just decide what to do with my hair." but had disappointing news for the 87% of Bild readers who had voted for his 'wet-look' - saying his hair was not made for other styles! He also explained why he dispensed with his raincoat (no air) and a hood (not comfortable) in the 'warm' rain!
He also spoke of playing with children on the beach, losing his ipod, along with discussion of the World Cup so far and the upcoming Algeria match.

Press Conference, Campo Bahia, 28 June 2014

Podolski to miss Algeria clash
"Podolski will be missing in the last 16. He's pulled a muscle. He needs two or three days of rest," manager Joachim Löw confirmed in a press conference earlier today.
Defender Jerome Boateng also picked up a knock last time out, but Löw confirmed that he will be fit to play a part against Algeria if called upon.
Germany's Joachim Löw warns against underestimating Algeria
"Personally, I cannot remember a group stage in which so many of the favourites were knocked out," he said. "But tournaments are marathons, not a 100 metre sprint. Many nations in the past have won their first three games, and then lost their fourth. We've seen it all before. A team's got to be able to raise their game all the time. If you can manage that, then that's a masterstroke."
"If anybody thinks or believes - and I think this is a feeling among the general public - that Algeria are easy opponents and that we can already start thinking of the next round, then they're making a huge mistake," Löw warned.
"We must remain focused and on our toes because any complacency will be punished. I took a look at Algeria yesterday for an hour and I know we're up against a very compact side who run a lot and are aggressive. I've rarely seen a team defend so vehemently, but still attack with purpose. Their whole country is euphoric, so we're up against a strong opponents."
Joachim Löw: "We've not reached our limit"
"There's been lots of light, but also plenty of shadows, some good things, but also things which didn't work," Low told reporters.
"We won our group, which was our primary objective, so we are happy, but we are also self-critical and we know that we can play better.
"We've not reached our limit yet, and now the knockout phase begins, the decisive games are here."
Algeria won't be easy for Germany, insists Low
"Knockout games have a magic about them," he told reporters on Saturday. "We'll be full of confidence, but it would be a big mistake to think it will be easy.
"We've delivered so far. We're essentially happy, but we know that we can play better."
Löw 'irritated' by revenge talk
"It is irritating when I read that this match is about vengeance," said Löw.
"Most of the players on my team weren't even born (in 1982)," added Löw."Why should Algeria want to punish us? It's incomprehensible for me. Our players don't know anything about that (West Germany) team back then.
"It's not an issue for us. Maybe some on the other side want to make an issue out of it to motivate Algeria."
Niersbach und Löw gegen Videobeweis

Löw: "Solche Spiele haben eine besondere Magie" - summary of press conference from dfb.de

And for those curious as to his new sports t-shirt, it is from Y-3 by Adidas

Training, Campo Bahia, 27 June 2014

  Jogi performs some ball tracks in this dfb "Szene des Tages" video

Gute Nachricht für Löw: Keine größeren Blessuren im Team
No injuries are reported following the USA game!

Algerien als "Glücksgegner" - Löws WM-Titelroute steht - 27 June 2014
"The Algerians have proven the fact that they are uncomfortable opponents," Joachim Löw said and warned before the match on Monday in Porto Alegre with the minnows from North Africa, "In a World Cup, there is no desired opponents, no easy opponents, and certainly not in the Knock-Out games."

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