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June 2018

Two front covers for Jogi from mainstream magazines from during June - GQ and Mobil, the magazine of the Deutsche Bahn.

Germany's training camp in South Tyrol continued through the first days of June, including the reduction of the squad to 23 players.

South Tyrol Training Camp Week 2
29 May - 3 June 2018
South Tyrol Training Camp Week 3
4 - 7 June 2018

Austria 2 - 1 Germany

2 June 2018

Germany 2 - 1 Saudi Arabia

8 June 2018

The two pre-tournament friendlies brought a defeat and a victory, but Jogo had off-field problems to contend with, including a rain delay and a hostile crowd.

Media Interviews, 11 June 2018

As Germany prepare to depart for Russia, 11 June 2018, numerous interviews with Jogi appeared in the media, and his face adorned many a World Cup pull-out.

A lengthy interview appeared in Kicker, excerpts also appeared on the Kicker website:
Löw: "Wir können etwas Besonderes sein"
I hope to upload a full transcript of the interview shortly.

An interview with Jogi also appeared on
Löw: "Every team wants to topple us"
"To be crowned world champions again would naturally mean a lot." he said "It would be historic. It means as much to the players as it does to the coach. So we will put all our energy and resources towards achieving it."
He said he was excited to get going, but did feel a certain humility at the task ahead and went on to speak about his joy at being with the players for an extended period of time "I always love being able to work with the team for an extended period of time. Then I get into my rhythm. It's the day-to-day work on the pitch which I enjoy. The team do too and they can build a stronger connection than when they're just together briefly. We can communicate more and work harder. I see a lot of development when we have three or four weeks together. At a tournament, I also relish the matches, the competition, the fifty-fifty situations. The comparisons and contests between the best teams from each continent are thrilling."
When asked, he said it was certainly an advantage in 2014 not to have any one superstar player "We strived for success as a team. That team mentality can definitely act in your favour."
On Germany's Group opponents "All the teams are at a similarly high level. Sweden and South Korea are awkward sides to play against. Mexico have many tactical and technical qualities. They're a very strong and dangerous opponent and are good on the ball." He also spoke about their preparation for defending the title and how opponents would hunt them down, cultivating team spirit and the motivation the presence of young talent gave him for extending his DFB contract until 2022.

He also appeared on the front page of a nationwide World Cup newspaper supplement with the title "Goldene Mission"

Joachim Löw: "Es gibt kein Lamentieren" - a major interview with Jogi in Welt today.
He speaks of enjoying and not feeling the pressure in the tournament environment, and his experience of the openness and friendliness of the Russian people towards the German team.

Löw: "Hey, du bist Weltmeister, was ist los mit dir?" - another interview with the Austrian Courier, the Sun enjoying the metaphorical aspects of what Jogi said:
Joachim Löw would 'rather jump out of a train window' than listening to fans sing to him

"For example, when I'm on the train and fans are coming in and they recognise me and sing a song.
"Honestly, sometimes I would like to jump out the window.
"It's not that bad at home in Freiburg anyway. That's where people know me, and I've probably got everyone through with a photo by now."
And while he has received offers to go into club management, the tactician is enjoying leading his country.
He added: "I've had some good requests in the mean time. But to be a coach for the German national team is of course something special."
"It was a close race for selection between Leroy Sane and Julian Brandt.
"Both have tremendous qualities, both are strong in one-on-one situations. Leroy is undoubtedly a huge talent.
"But he has not quite arrived in games for the national team. Maybe that tipped the balance."

Flight to Moscow, 12 June 2018

World Cup 2018

Sometimes, in life, things just don't work out,
and sadly this proved to be the time it happened to Jogi.

Germany 0 - 1 Mexico, 17 June 2014 - Group F
Germany 2 - 1 Sweden, 23 June 2014 - Group F
Germany 0 - 2 South Korea, 27 June 2014 - Group F

Arrival back in Frankfurt, 28 June 2018

WM-Krisengipfel im Flieger: Löw kriegt Zeit

Eliminated Germany need 'big changes', says Löw

"We've had this situation - when the team was knocked out of the European Championship in 2004 after the group stage," he said.
"After that, there were a lot of changes. Over 14 years we got better and better, we were the most consistent team in the world for the last 10 years and we were world champions.
"But now, with the exit and huge disappointment, we must reflect what the consequences will be and the right steps.
"We need changes, big changes. And about that, we must talk."
"It's too early to say. Of course, we talked about it. But there isn't a single reason or a single thing for why we failed," he said.
"There are more reasons, and it's my responsibility to analyse that. It was also my responsibility to get the team on a high level of football in these four weeks and that didn't work as well.
"Now we need a bit of time and a few conversations and then we will give answers."

Interviews on arrival back in Frankfurt - video from ZDF

In Freiburg sammelt er jetzt neue Kräfte - 29 June 2018

As Jogi retreated home to his thoughts and a decision on his future, names within German football, past and present, came out to express their desire that he continue:
Rudi Völler hofft, dass Löw als Bundestrainer weitermacht
New Bayern boss Niko Kovac "I still see Jogi Löw as the right man to make the transition from the old to the younger generation. He proved it in 2010 when he included the likes of Neuer, Boateng, Özil, Müller etc and again last year with the young, energetic team that won the Confed Cup"
Darum muss Bundestrainer Joachim Löw bleiben by Lukas Podolski

Jogi hat unser Leben besser gemacht - 29 June 2018
"I am not forgetting that Jogi Löw has made my life, and the lives of millions, better. Gratitude in triumph is easy, gratitude in the bitterest times is what makes the difference." says Julian Reichelt in this brilliant Bild editorial.
Ein Plädoyer für Bundestrainer Joachim Löw - why the World Cup was a collective failure and not just down to the Bundestrainer.

Germany World Cup 2018 exit: Joachim Löw not alone in the crosshairs as a scarred nation searches for a scapegoat
"Still, having turned poor popular opinion prior to the 2014 tournament into adulation by the end, Low has shown the ability to both ignore external doubt and plot a clear path to success." says the Independent
If Joachim Loew is Ready, Let 'Jogi' Continue - an article from India

Ergebnis nach DFB-Telefonkonferenz: Löw ist der Richtige - confirmation of a unanimous vote of confidence from the DFB board. - 30 June 2018

Löw-Vertrauter prophezeit Rücktritt des Bundestrainers - Focus however reveal information pointing towards a resignation

The headlines and debate continued throughout the weekend:
Rücktritt von Jogi Löw? Ein Punkt ist dabei für Lothar Matthäus entscheidend - with a timeline of the past days' events.
Die einsame Entscheidung des Joachim Löw
Darum sollte Joachim Löw als Bundestrainer den Weg frei machen - a negative article calling for Jogi to leave, although the poll they are running at the time of my voting showed a majority wanting him to stay!

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