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FIFA World Coach Men's Football 2014

Ballon d'Or Ceremony, Zurich, 12 January 2015

And the winner is........

Joachim Löw's Acceptance Speech

"Ladies and gentleman, it is for me a huge honour after a successful year 2014 to receive this award.

It is the icing on the cake, the cake being the World Cup and I would like to thank you very much. Whoever knows me will also know that this award is not considered by me as my property but i am just taking it here on behalf of the others, because you get an award when you have the good conditions to get it and in Germany we have been creating over the last few years the conditions to get that, and the World Cup and the result was then the consequence of many years of hard work and of lots of right decisions. So I would like first and foremost to thank all German who do marvellous work, day after day, with the young players or in the professional football section as well, so they are all coach of the year, because I am nothing without well-trained players so that definitely my gratitude goes out to the DFB, our Association with its President, Wolfgang Niersbach, who have created these structures, who have made them possible, and I would like to thank you Wolfgang and Helmut for the trust and confidence you have bestowed upon me over all these years.

And, of course, I owe gratitude to the Bundesliga, for the League, without who it would not have been possible to create a national team that can deliver a continuous level of football, continuously for many years at this high level and what would a coach be without a fantastic team which was constantly implementing the ideas on the pitch and some of them are here, Philipp, Manuel, Toni. And also to all the other boys who are not here, my gratitude to you, you are World Class, and it is a gift for me to be able to work with you.

And, furthermore, at the end I would like to commend and say thank you to a long-standing friend, the Sports Director at the DFB, and he is taking care of the young players, Hansi Flick, and say thank you for your loyalty, thank you for your great ideas, and thank you for our excellent co-operation, and this is also to say Oliver Bierhoff, Urs Siegenthaler and also my gratitude to the team behind the team, to all these people who gave us all this support, and without their support, this title, this success, would not have been possible. I am happy, I am grateful, and I would like to say thank you once again, and I would like to commend all the other nominees, and all the others who have received awards and my dear colleagues Carlo Ancelotti and Diego Simeone, who would have very well deserved this award this evening as well, and my highest respect to all the coaches, all the coaches in the world who, with passion in their hearts, keep football going throughout the world and keep football a passionate game in the world.

Many thanks, and have a nice evening."

Words as spoken by English interpreter, as I was watching on UK TV.

Voting tally: Joachim Löw 36.23%, Carlo Ancelotti 22.06%, Diego Simeone 19.02%

The vote is decided by the international coaches and captains of the 209 member nations, and selected media representatives.

FIFA video of the full presentation - but marked to start at the Men's Coach of the Year award
Philipp and Jogi return with the World Cup Trophy at 1.19.25

Löw: "Eine schöne Auszeichnung und eine große Ehre" - Jogi is interviewed On FIFA TV after the event

Löw: "All titles and successes are the work of a team" - 13 January 2014
An open letter on from Joachim Löw to Germany fans continues his message from his acceptance speech.

Löw: My job is very draining - a new interview on, published after the award but incorporating parts from his Press Talk and interview in teh afternoon. - 14 January 2015
Jogi gave his thanks to his family, his wife and "everyone who has always supported me, even in difficult times."
In addition Jogi speaks of unwinding with family and friends at home, going into the mountains for a bit, mountain biking, jogging or playing football, and doing the normal things everyone does. He was also asked about his early morning beach jog in Brazil, as time for peace and quiet, thinking about the next opponent or other things, or just switching off from football and listening to music.
Rather intriguingly he would not be drawn on what he would be awarded a Ballon d'Or for in his private life, only revealing it would not be 'for cooking'!

The Red Carpet

The guests arrive on the red carpet - from FIFA TV, starts at the moment of Jogi's arrival

The Photoshoot

The Press Talk

In the afternoon, the three coaches went on stage to answer questions.

Joachim Löw demands fourth substitute rule change at Ballon d'Or awards
German World Cup winning boss Joachim Löw has called on FIFA to allow coaches to make four substitutes during matches.
Low was speaking at the press conference for the FIFA World Coach of the Year award ahead of the Ballon d'Or ceremony in Zurich this evening, alongside fellow award nominees, Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti and Atletico Madrid boss Diego Simeone.
Asked what he would change about football if he had the chance to speak to the International Football Association Board which helps draw up legislation for the game, the 54-year-old said he believed that the intensity of matches had reached a point where extra bodies are now required.
"If I could influence the laws of the game then I would perhaps ask for a fourth substitution," he said. "I think this will come in very handy."
Löw continued: "I think we saw during the World Cup that the challenges are higher and the matches are faster and more intense, especially when you have extra time to play. As a coach would very much appreciate the possibility of a fourth substitute to influence the match tactically."

He also spoke of his approval of goal-line technology, recently voted to be introduced in Germany, as those are the decisive moments of a match, and a decision can be made instantly.

Summary of other issues discussed:

What are the key elements needed to form a successful team?
Jogi said one of the most important tasks of any coach was that of a psychologist, to see which characters go with which others and build a competitive team. He believes that, next to the technical aspect, this is one of the central duties of a coach to recognise what type of personalities he has in his team.

Talented younger players v superstars
It is important to treat them all on an equal footing, stressed Jogi. Communication is vital, to make them understand they have responsibilites and whether they attain superstar status is in their hands.

Standard of Brazilian coaches (from Brazilian journalist)
Brazil has a flurry of technically marvellous players and this is proof they have good coaches, their players make it to all top teams in world.

Number of matches played/Evolution of football
I believe we have reached the llimit of what players can handle and match calender is at a maximum. When you consider speed and frequency of matches, you see the enormous workload on players and in addition in the summer there are specific tournaments. Sometimes it is better for young players in the further development just to train rather than play football to train, really have to be careful you don't go too far. I see in World Cup and Champions League how football is evolving, tactically and physically players are competing at enormous high level and less space, asking how can you find empty spaces on the pitch, how can you go into them, mental speed you need is decisive if you want to develop further.

Grass roots football:
Grass roots is the basis for our football and we have lots more good players moving up, also possibly of more players training means more coaches, important to get players knowing what is in store for them at a proper age.

Vote for Neuer in Ballon d'Or
All three players are incredible players who have performed magnificently. Messi and Ronaldo score 40/50 goals each year, have done oustanding things. However Neuer has shown outstanding performances, he is a World Cup winner, and he is also responsible for our victory, showed a new way of goalkeeping, something we have never seen before, active outside area, definitely a player who deserves to win. All things considered all three deserve the title.

What would the title mean to you? Is there a party coming up tonight?
What is important for me is the title we attained last year and perhaps the icing on cake is to be among the three nominees, all of us, Carlo and Diego have done something extraordinary with their clubs, they deserve it.
He did not mention whether he was expecting to be partying that night!

Video of the three nominations' Press Talk on FIFA TV

Löw: 'The next challenge is...' - an exclusive FIFA interview carried out that afternoon, with English subtitles.

While in Zurich the international media also took the opportunity to speak to Jogi about individual members of his World Cup winning squad:
Löw: "Kroos is a fantastic player" - from
"Philipp Lahm ist Spieler des Jahrzehnts"
The Bundestrainer spoke of his former captain and his outstanding performances in three World Cup which, for him, made Philipp his player of the decade.

Praise for his award from Jogi's coaching colleagues:
Heynckes: "Löw showcased the fine art of coaching at the World Cup"
Joachim Löw winning manager of the year is a 'no-brainer', says Klinsmann - on video from The Guardian
"An injustice if anyone else had won" said Fenerbahce coach Ismail Kartal (in Turkish)

Before the day:
As the FIFA Ballon D'Or ceremony edged ever closer, there have been glowing words from some of Jogi's colleagues:
Joachim Löw erhält Unterstützung von Vorgänger Jürgen Klinsmann - 7 January 2015
Hitzfeld: "Mein Favorit ist Jogi Löw" - 6 January 2015
and from those who have played under him:
Löw, in the words of others - 7 January 2015
"What are my personal memories of Jogi? I only have good ones! He's a very meticulous coach who really does analyse the tiniest details. He always has a plan and explains exactly what everyone needs to do out on the pitch. He was an outstanding coach even back when I was a player." - Bernd Schneider
"In the time he's been national coach he's always helped the team progress. We play very, very good football." - Toni Kroos
"Anyone who wins the World Cup deserves to [win the award]. He was criticised a lot for his squad selection and his style: people said he was taking too many new, young, inexperienced players to Brazil, but he stuck to his guns. He did things his own way and knew exactly what he wanted. And that got us the World Cup trophy." - Shkodran Mustafi
and Jürgen Klinsmann:
"What's special about him? His level-headedness, honesty and - when it comes to the crunch - his laid-back demeanour, which is typical of people from Baden-Wurttemberg. He's a very meticulous coach, but he never loses sight of the bigger picture either.
On top of that he always has time to have an espresso with you!"

So who built the rocket? - Why Joachim Löw deserves to be FIFA Coach of the Year - my earlier piece on why Jogi should win the Award

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