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December 2011

After the draw for the Group stage of Euro 2012 in Kiev on 2 December, we now know that Germany's Group opponents will be the Netherlands, Portugal and Denmark, placed together in Group B!
Whilst general opinion seems to be that this is the toughest group of the four, Jogi has stated that he has 'Keine Angst'.

See more photographs from the draw and comments from Jogi on my Euro 2012 Index page.

Bundestrainer Joachim Löw and national team manager Oliver Bierhoff have expressed their surprise and regret that DFB President Theo Zwanziger wishes to resign his post with effect from October 2012.
Speaking after the Euro 2012 Group draw in Kiev, Löw said that they had always worked very well together when it came to the interests of the national team. He did not know the exact reasons behind the step, and said that whilst it was regretted, it was respected as a personal decision. - from - 2 December 2011

Jogi made a guest appearance on das aktuelle Sportstudio, ZDF, Saturday 3 December 2011.

In conversation with host Michael Steinbrecher, he spoke on many topics including the Bundesliga, Germany's Euro 2012 Group draw, the National team, Theo Zwanziger's resignation, Rene Adler, Michael Ballack and Euro rivals Spain. A 20 minute video from ZDF can now be seen on my youtube channel

Whilst in the studio, Jogi also had a go at the "Torwandschießen" (goal wall), with one successful attempt! See also this video on youtube

"Sehr hungrig": Keine Angst vor der Hammergruppe
Löw bereut Hickhack um Ballack - two articles concentrating on particular aspects of the conversation

Joachim Löw has spoken positively of current DFB secretary Wolfgang Nersbach's decision to stand for the DFB presidency vacated by Theo Zwanziger's decision to return as at October 2012.
In a statement on the website, the Bundestrainer said ithat Niersbach was a teamplayer with great experience an agreeable leadership style and he looked forward to continuing their work together under new circumstances. - 7 December 2011

There is an interview with Jogi in the German magazine 'Bunte' this week (issue No 50, 8 December 2011).

In the interview, which opens with the question "Would you like to be your own friend?", Jogi is asked about the pressures affecting those in football and describes the death of Robert Enke as the worse moment of his coaching career. He says that whilst honours are important, he has no need to display trophies in a cabinet, preferring to keep his achievements in his head. He has still not worn the Order of Merit, awarded to him last year!

He admits to enjoying the pleasures of life, but believes in everything in moderation, as he does respect his body. Asked if he worries about losing his 'good looks', he says he can live with getting older! He also talks of Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel and when told that he has the bearing of a presidential candidate, says he wants to stay doing what he is good at - being a football coach !!

I have now uploaded a full transcript of the interview in my Magazine Articles Section!

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Germany embark on Euro 2012 spying trips

In the stands at El Clasico, Jogi saw a first-minute lead by Real Madrid overtaken by three goals from visitors Barcelona. - 10 December 2011

Match reports from and

Jogi is pictured left at the Bernabeu, with Rafael Nadal behind him.

Germany's Joachim Löw: Bayern Munich can play at the same level as Barcelona and Real Madrid - from - 12 December 2011

"So far this season, Barcelona and Real Madrid are at the highest level. This includes comparisons in England, where I've seen some games.But let's not forget Bayern Munich. Bayern are capable of playing at that level,"
Löw then went on to praise Madrid coach Jose Mourinho for closing the gap on Barcelona."Real Madrid have become one unit, capable of coping with Barcelona. It says a lot about the coach."
The quotes were widely reported in the Spanish speaking press.

Jose Mourinho, who the had reported would be meeting with Jogi and assistant Hansi Flick that Sunday, had himself praised Jogi a couple of weeks prior, being quoted in bild as saying that whenever Mesut Özil and Sami Khedira went away on international duty, they came back better players.

Germany will fine tune their preparations for next year's Euro 2012 tournament in Poland and Ukraine with friendlies against Switzerland and Israel.Germany, hoping to clinch their first major trophy since 1996, will travel to Basel on May 26 to face Switzerland before hosting Israel in Leipzig on June 1.
"We look forward to these games as part of our Euro preparation," Germany coach Joachim Löw said."The Swiss are a tough side and that will be a good test for us," he said with Germany scheduled to be in a training camp in southern France at the time.
"What is also positive is that we can leave and come back to our camp on the same day."
"The Israelis are also a challenging team who have been constantly improving in the last few years," Löw said. from - 16 December 2011

Jogi was seen at the Bundesliga match at Freiburg, watching their 4-1 defeat at the hands of reigning champions Borussia Dortmund.
Match report from - 17 December 2011

Various websites are quoting an interview on Sky TV where Jogi talks of his desire to have a reconciliation with former captain Michael Ballack:
Löw wünscht sich Versöhnung mit Ballack
Löw: Ballack retirement was handled badly - 19 December 2011
Germany coach Joachim Löw admits the end of Michael Ballack's international career could have been handled better.
"All of us who were involved in this thing should have found a better solution," Löw told Sky Bundesliga. "All of the parties involved. Just as it was then, and how it is currently, it is not satisfactory."
Löw added he still believes that he could yet patch up the relationship with his form skipper, saying, "I hope we can resolve things someday."
Does anyone have a copy of the interview?
(In April 2012, appearing on ZDF Sportstudio, Michael also expressed a desire to heal any rift, saying "Die Zeit heilt Wunden", and acknowledged that both sides made mistakes. from - 22 April 2012)

End of Year Interviews

A four-part conversation with Boris Büchler was posted to the ZDF Mediathek website, 16 December 2011, and this can be watched on the following links:
Part 1 - "Unterstützung auch von Niersbach"
Part 2 - "Mit Optimismus ins neue Jahr"
Part 3 - "Leno mit Qualitäten für Nationalelf"
Part 4 - "Bayer - Barca wird alle elektrisieren"

Jogi also appeared on Sportschau, Sunday 18 Sunday 2011, and the interview can be found on my youtube channel.

The day before had quotes from the programme on its website. Jogi spoke of his admiration for Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel. Calling her his 'Person of the Year', Jogi spoke of her incredible energy and drive in saving Europe and pushing forward. It also quoted him as saying the upcoming holiday season is for him a time to enjoy and maintain old traditions - including conversing in topics other than football!

In an interview on, 19 December 2011, Jogi spoke of the past year and the impressive form and progress shown by his players, with Euro qualification and the Brazil and Holland friendlies as particular highlights.

The second part of the interview, in which he looks forward to 2012, was also found on - 31 December 2011

Behind the final door of the traditional DFB advent calendar was a Christmas message from Jogi!

Speaking from the streets of Kiev during the visit there for the Euro 2012 Group draw, he looked back on a successful 2011 and forward to the Championships next year.

The clip can be seen on my youtube channel - 24 December 2011

A Christmas advert from Sony.
Also pictured are Hansi Flick, Andre Schürrle, Lukas Podolski and Philipp Lahm.

Germany coach Joachim Löw believes efficient team-work has become one of the most significant ingredients for success in contemporary sport.The German national team have won plaudits for their work ethic and togetherness, and the former Stuttgart boss is of the opinion that instilling these mental qualities is vital in the modern game.
"As a coach you wonder how players will behave in a team. Being a real unit is more important than ever in today's competitive sports," Löw told
"In the team there are certain values that must exist: respectful treatment of each other, but also of opponents. Communication, tolerance, discipline, reliability (are key). I see no pronounced egoists in our team, who adjusts the focus to make themselves look good or always score the goals.
I see us as a very good team in which no-one pushes himself to the forefront."
Elsewhere, Löw reserved praise for the attitude of young duo Mario Götze and Toni Kroos, both of whom have made inroads into the national team in 2011.
"(Götze) has had to handle a huge lot in a year: for example in the Brazil game, he was outstanding, and was praised - but I saw him as modest afterwards," Löw said."He is constantly asking question about where his faults were. Toni Kroos is also a good example. It's not easy when young player of 19 or 20 are suddenly in the public eye and earning so much money."
"Many young players go through such situations, and you have to see who can come out on his own path, who can eliminate the unimportant things, surround himself with the right people, and focus completely on football." - from
Löw: "Der Teamgedanke steht für mich über allem"- the full original interview from the website - 24 December 2011
It continued to appear in the media for several days afterwards, with different parts of the interview making the headline:
"Ich schalte das Telefon auch mal ab"
Löw: “Werte im Fußball wichtiger denn je“
Löw - Keine Egoisten in unserer Mannschaft - 26 December 2011

"Unser Mann des Jahres 2011: Joachim Löw" announced Kicker's website, naming Jogi as their Man of the Year for 2011.

Kicker said the award had been given not just for Germany's successes this year, but also for the manner and playing style in which the victories had been achieved. They said Löw has managed to shape a national team with many gifted talents, a team which has thrilled their home fans with their refreshing brand of attacking football, and has in addition achieved recognition and respect throughout the world.

Jogi said he was pleased with the award and regarded it as an award for the team. "I'm proud of their performance." - 26 December 2011

Major names within the managerial world commended Jogi on his award. Jürgen Klinsmann was in no doubt that Jogi had earned the award, whilst Sir Alex Ferguson spoke of his great merit in having the courage to utilise young players. England coach Fabio Capello spoke of the new German style - an impressive team formed from players from different cultures and with differing characteristics, and Spain's Vicente del Bosque conceded that Germany were an opponent who are getting harder to beat by the day.
Alle loben Löw - 27 December 2011

Germany coach Joachim Low named 'Man of the Year' by Kicker
A video from talking of the award.

Further scans from that edition of Kicker can be found in my Magazine Articles page

Whilst I don't normally include pure rumour, as this was a cover story I am going to run it!

Marca, the Spanish sports paper, on today's front page, is suggesting Jogi as the ideal candidate to succeed Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho. Mourinho has recently expressed his desire to eventually return to the English Premier League, the keydate being 2014 when both his and Jogi's contracts expire. - 27 December 2011

The story quickly found its way into the German, Portuguese and English-speaking press, with even Barcelona and Dutch legend Johan Cruyff having his say:
Johan Cruyff insists Real Madrid would be more dangerous under Low than Mourinho - 29 December 2011

"Der Titel wäre nicht nur schön, sondern auch wichtig" - an end-of-year interview from Welt online - 31 December 2011
Jogi talks of national team matters and the approaching European Championships.

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