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Last updated 18 October 2017

A perfect 10 out of 10 !
for Germany in World Cup qualifying.

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Germany 5 - 1 Azerbaijan
Northern Ireland 1 - 3 Germany

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Up next month are two friendlies, against England in Wembley, and France in Köln


An amazing tournament win for the young team, and a master triumph for Jogi!!!

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Recent News

Joachim Löw was at the Mercedes-Benz Arena, 13 October 2017, for the Friday evening Bundesliga fixture between VfB Stuttgart and FC Köln.

Stuttgart achieved their first home win against Köln - the first home win against them since Jogi himself was coach 21 years ago!

Später K.o. - Köln kassiert in Stuttgart die nächste Pleite

With thanks to Lucille and Susanne

The Daily Telegraph reported that Jogi is now an entry in the famous Guiness Book of World Records for 2018 - with the most wins as an international coach. - 9 October 2017
I'll try and get a screencap!

Heynckes a very good solution for Bayern - Löw - 6 October 2017
Germany coach Joachim Löw believes Bayern Munich will give themselves "a very good solution" should they re-hire Jupp Heynckes as Carlo Ancelotti's successor until the end of the season.
Heynckes is expected to be appointed as Bayern coach for a fourth time this week after Ancelotti was sacked at the end of September following a 3-0 Champions League defeat to Paris Saint-Germain.
Heynckes confirmed on Thursday that Bayern have approached him and that he was considering their offer [confirmed later that same day].
Should he accept, Löw believes Bayern have made a good choice.
Speaking after Germany's 3-1 win in Northern Ireland, Löw said: "He [Heynckes] is, of course, an incredibly experienced coach who has already had great successes and has a great impact on the team."In the situation that Bayern find themselves, he is certainly a very good solution."
Jogi speaks about Jupp on this video from

On to the Champions League Group stage and the match between Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid, where Jogi saw the German side go down 3-1 to the defending champions, 26 September 2017.

Clinical Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale down Dortmund

With thanks to Sarah, Susanne and Lucille

Jogi wss quickly back in Germany to see Bayer Leverkusen defeat Hamburg 3-0 at the Bay Arena in Sunday's Bundesliga fixture, 24 September 2017

Kevin Volland scores twice as Bayer Leverkusen stroll past Hamburg

Joachim Löw made his first trip to watch a Premier League game this Saturday, 23 September 2017, at the Etihad Stadium, where he saw Leroy Sane continue his fine run of form as a rampant Manchester City beat a winless Crystal Palace 5-0.

Match report from the Guardian
Sané zaubert vor Löws Augen

I believe this is the first trip of his to watch football in the UK outside of London since I first started my website!

Dreamball, Westhafen Event and Conference Centre, Berlin, 20 September 2017

Löw: "Manuel has the character, self-discipline and willpower - 19 September 2017
Germany's national goalkeeper Manuel Neuer will be out until early next year with a hairline fracture in his left foot. The news has shocked national head coach Joachim Löw, goalkeeping coach Andreas Köpke and first team coach Oliver Bierhoff.
Joachim Löw: "I'm really upset about Manuel - it's a massive set-back for him. Manuel has the character, self-discipline and willpower - he'll do his utmost to come back just as strong as he was. He's in the best hands - he knows that he'll get all the support he needs, just like at FC Bayern."

Zeitungskongress, Stuttgart, 18 September 2017

At a meeting of the National Association of German Newspaper Publishers, Joachim Löw gave a talk on leadership, the route to the World Cup and looked to the future.

He spoke of his delight at the atmosphere in Stuttgart at the international against Norway earlier that month, how German football was on its knees in 2004 and the unique steps taken to revolutionise the game at that point.

"Good leaders are characterised by not changing direction at the first 'Gegenwind' (headwind)", he said, no doubt recalling the headlines he himself experienced back in July 2012, using that very term, and how, with that policy, they arrived at success two years later. "Real champions see it through."

He also likened a football team to an orchestra in that the best musicians do not always give the best concert, a conductor being required to oversee the performance and delegate duties.

Löw über Klinsi: "Visionäre werden belächelt"
Speaking of the part Jürgen Klinsmann paid in the rejuvenation of German football, he declared "Visionaries are always laughed at in the beginning, We took steps that were then unknown in German football."

Joachim Löw spricht über seine Führungskraft - with a video from the event.

With thanks to Lucille

Joachim Löw was in Freiburg for the 0-0 draw against Borussia Dortmund, Bundesliga Match Day 3, 9 September 2017

Match page from

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Covering Germany in Brazil (albeit from afar) and recording your journey to the just reward for all your talent and years of hard work by becoming World Champion has, at times, left even me lost for words!
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